Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“Please,” says Katherine, I’m hungry, “can’t we get something to eat first?”

Rachel is just about to protest when she’s smiles darkly at her niece. Picking up the short summer dress, Rachel says, “I guess we could go and get a burger if we hurry,” and starts to strip to change into the dress.

Katherine reaches out for her bra. “No, it’s either the summer dress or schoolgirl outfit for you!” Katherine picks up the summer dress and starts to put it on. It’s so short it barely covers her thighs and is so tight her nipples are clearly visible. After a moment she shrugs it off and goes for the white blouse, figuring that with the blazer it will offer more modesty. Once the white blouse, tie and blazer is on matched with a really short pleated short and white socks she still looks shockingly slutty and desperately tries to grab some knickers, which Rachel grabs off her.

As you look at your girlfriend and her niece you start to feel the effects of the pill as well as your natural urge beginning to build.

Five minutes later you all enter a small burger restaurant and Rachel asks you to order. “Sit over here,” she commands to Katherine, pointing to a bar stool opposite a man in his fifties talking to another man of a similar age. One guy is tall with glasses and the other fatter and shorter. As Katherine struggles into her seat she notices both men have turned and are looking over at them, smiling.

“It’s hard to get the young ones out of the house these days,” Rachel says nodding at Katherine. They both smile broader, taking in the sight in front of them. Looking directly up Katherine’s skirt the taller one says, “If you two were at my house neither of you would get out often!” Ignoring or encouraging the innuendo Rachel continues, “you are probably right, you should see this one in bed, it’s so hard to get her out of it in the morning for school.”

Just then you return with the food, and you are now blocking the view for the two men, who turn back to their conversation while still trying to get a glimpse of the schoolgirl’s pussy. Rachel looks at you and says, “Go sit in the car, we will be out shortly, I hope you are not thirsty…”

With this, Rachel “accidentally” tips over your drink which spills your lap as well as covering the table. “Oh no, you had better go and change, give me a call when you are back and we will meet you outside.”

You stand up, angry and bewildered, and walk off towards the door. Rachel starts to slowly mop up the table, the tight material of her dress showing her nipples poking through while the hem rides higher and higher, leaving little to the imagination.

“You can’t sit there, it will be all sticky,” says the fatter of the two men. “Why don’t you and your daughter join us?”

Katherine suddenly realizes what her Auntie has in store for her and quickly tries to object.

Rachel interrupts. “That’s so nice of you! Katherine, don’t be rude, say sorry to the man and sit down.”

Katherine looks at the fat man and says sorry. In return he smiles again and pats a seat beside him in the booth. As Katherine sits down the man’s hand instantly rests on her knee.

As Rachel brings over the food she makes sure she bends over to collect the tray. As she slides in to the booth with the tall man she leans over and says, “Thank you, it’s really nice of you and you, young lady, learn some manners. I don’t want to hear another peep out of you. You just sit there and be polite to these two men.”

Rachel puts her hand on the tall man’s leg while eating a fry. Mark, the tall one and Lee, the fat one introduce themselves. Lee slowly moves his hand up Katherine’s leg, brushing slowly. Under the table Katherine feels her Auntie use her knee to spread her legs a little wider.

As Mark and Lee make small talk Rachel slowly starts to stroke Mark under the table and can feel him getting hard. Lee, realizing what’s going on, tries to work his hand between Katherine’s legs. Although the blue pill is starting to work on her she still doesn’t want the fat man near her so she slams her legs shut.

“What’s going on?” Rachel says as the man moves his hand quickly.

“Erm nothing,” stammers Lee, “Just accidentally touched your daughter.”

Looking hard at Katherine, Rachel says, “That’s it! I’ve had enough of you.” She turns to the men. “Is your car outside?”

“Yeah, grey Ford” says Mark.

“I need your to help teach her a lesson. If it’s okay with you, can we go to your car?” Unsure of what is going to happen both men readily agree but with some trepidation.

“You are going to be very nice to these two men and you will not embarrass me again. If an adult tells you to do something you do it! Now let’s go!” Rachel stands up and grabs Katherine by the arm pushing her towards the door. Mark and Lee follow quickly after.

In the car park, Rachel spots you and deliberately stops before reaching the Ford. “Drive over there behind the bins, just off the main lot,” she orders the men, then walks off in that direction, pushing Katherine in front of her. As the men walk towards their car, you starts up your car as you see Rachel and Katherine coming towards you. As they reach the car Katherine goes to get in but Rachel stops her, and bending into the open door says, “Follow us on foot only when the Ford has passed you.” Then she slams the door.

Twenty seconds later Rachel and Katherine reach the spot she had indicated and the Ford slowly pulls up, blocking the route from the burger restaurant to the bins. The men slowly get out of the car, not sure what is happening and wary that this is a robbery or a sting operation

Rachel smiles at the men. “My daughter is very sorry and wants to make it up to you both. Katherine, lift up your skirt.”

Slowly Katherine lifts it, revealing her bare mound to the two older men.

“Now, as I said before, you will do anything an adult asks you to do, do I make myself clear?”

Katherine looks down at the floor and meekly nods her head while continuing to hold her skirt up.

Lee is the first to move. “Take off your blazer.” Katherine does as she’s told.

“You do realize we will fuck your daughter if this goes on any longer?” says Mark to Rachel.

“I really hope so, teach the slut a lesson!”

On hearing that, Lee holds back no longer. Now he’s got the green light there is no stopping him. He unzips his large cock and forcibly removes Katherine’s blouse and pushes her over the bonnet of his car and thrusts his cock inside of her.

Mark walks closer to Rachel. “Do you get off on watching us fuck your daughter? I’m going to fuck both of you!” He flips up the back of her dress, pushing his cock inside Rachel in one thrust. Both men don’t last long and cum deep within the two women quickly after a few minutes of rampant fucking.

As both men try to zip up, Rachel stops them. “Is that it? Can’t you get it up more than once at your age? You are going to leave us with cum in our cunts but nothing in our asses? Surely my little girl deserves better.” Rachel then looks at Katherine and says, “Darling, remember how you suck lollipops? Be nice to our friends and suck them. Suck them both at the same time.”

Katherine sinks to her knees in resignation as two quickly-inflating cocks are pushed towards her mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking, both men are eager to fuck again and switch partners. Katherine feels Mark thrust into her cunt for lubrication and is alarmed to discover he is much bigger than either you or Lee. Before she can object he is pushing his huge cock up her ass. The length is big but it’s the width that is taking away her breath. Katherine looks over to see her Auntie bucking backwards to get Lee as far inside her butt as possible. After only a few minutes both are coming again. As they pull out, Rachel turns to Katherine. “Clean these boys up.”

Katherine sinks to her knees again and gently sucks on the two cocks, cleaning with each suck.

“Your daughter and you are wonderful,” says Lee finally zipping up. “Here’s my number if you ever want a repeat performance.”

“Or,” adds Mark , “we are more than happy to babysit!” With a laugh they both enter the car and drive off.

Cock in hand, you slowly come around from the back of the largest bin. As both Rachel and Katherine start pulling their clothes back on, you can see cum oozing down both of their legs out of both of their holes.

“Put that cock away,” says Rachel. “I need cleaning, let’s get back to our car.”

As you reach the car, Rachel opens the back door and climbs in, turns around and looks at you and Katherine. “I didn’t finish my burger, go buy me another one while Uncle Ross cleans me up, and don’t you dare try and wipe any of that cum off you. Once you get back Uncle Ross will clean you up.

As your head goes down into the thick mass of cum coming from both of her holes, Rachel smiles. She sees Katherine walking slowly towards the door with a huge dribble of cum lazily moving down her leg, desperately trying to not orgasm as she walks. As your girlfriend pushes your head further into her cunt, you eagerly lick and suck both holes, not once trying to stop.