Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Liasa...)

“You’ll record everything,” you say, smiling widely. “I want to have some enjoyment, too. And seeing the most beautiful girl in some lesbian action gonna be fantastic. I want a video.”

“You do know how to insert a compliment in a dirty offer,” Rachel softly laughs.“I don’t know Ross… Sure, I don’t mind you watching, but the privacy of another girl should be respected.”

“It is either that or you’ll get no permission,” you say firmly.

“It means I can’t do it with Monica,” Rachel says with a sigh. “There are no way that she’ll agree on that. I am not sure I can persuade her just to try some girl on girl action, but recording too… No way.”

“Oh… You and Monica. That would be quite a sight,” you say. “Are you sure she won’t agree?”

“Yes. Quite sure,” Rachel smiles. “I think I’ll find someone who will agree to be filmed, anyway. I accept your terms my beloved pervert.”

“I am looking forward to it.”

A few days pass with no events, then you come back from work to find that Rachel is not home. Before you start to worry, a message arrives to your phone: “I’ll sleep elsewhere today. Hopefully, I’ll bring a very interesting film in the morning ;)”

You can barely sleep, imagining your beloved girlfriend caressing another woman somewhere. Yes, you are a bit jealous but the thought of unique, made just for you, lesbian porn is a nice compensation.

Finally, at around 9 AM, you hear the sound of door opening. Rachel is home…