Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Thanks...)

You stare at Rachel in awe — she can be so perfectly sexy sometimes. By the time you realize your mouth is open, her tongue is inside it and you’re making out with her passionately. With all that prior stimulation in the shower, your dick is already fully erect and poking at her thighs. You break the kiss and move your mouth to her pie-covered tit. You massage her breasts with your hands as your mouth eats and licks the delicious pie off her aroused breast.

She moans as you suck some filling off her erect nipple. Her hand holds your head in place while the other one is rubbing her clitoris. You take another handful of pie and rub it over her waist and thighs. She takes some and rubs it on your chest and ass. You then start eating it off each other. She gobbles it off your chest. You bite it off her waist. She licks it off your ass while jerking you off. You eat it off her thighs while fingering her pussy.

By the time you’re done, you are both too aroused for words. You stare at each other hungrily, her lips drooling. Rachel takes a fistful of pie and slaps it on her cunt. You grab your dick and shove it through the pie and inside her, making her moan loudly. You grab her ass as your body slams into her. You shove your tongue into your mouth as you hold her against you and fuck her. Her legs are wrapped around your waist as you sense her nearing climax. This heightens your arousal as well. You fuck faster and faster before climaxing together, your cum pouring into her creamy cunt.

As you pull out, she grins at you and licks some leftover pie off your chin.

“I need a piss,” you say as you turn around. She holds you back.

“Where are you going?” she asks you as she slides down to her knees.

Grinning, you get ready and aim your dick at her tits. She shakes her head, lifts your dick up and opens her mouth.

“Babe,” you ask, “are you sure?”

“I’ve eaten a lot of pie today and I really need something to wash it down.”

You start pissing and your girlfriend aims the stream directly into her mouth and all over her face and tits as well. When you’re done, she smacks her lips and gets up, satisfied.

“That was so naughty, Ross,” she says, pulling you close. “Now are you ready to drink my piss?”