Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Welcome...)

“Babe,” you say as you take Ashley’s hand and walk towards your girlfriend. She ever so slightly shakes her head in disbelief. She thinks you’re choosing her mother. You stop in front of her and place a hand on her cheek.

“I choose both of you,” you say, knowing just how risky this is.

Fortunately, Rachel’s first reaction is confusion and not anger. You keep talking.

“Look, I do love you. But what we did last week brought me and your mom very close to each other.” You look at Ashley, who is smiling back at you. She stands closer to your girlfriend and says, “Come on, baby. If your man loves both of us, I’m sure we can share him.”

Ashley kisses her daughter on the cheek before adding, “Can’t we?”

Your girlfriend can’t help but smile a little bit.

“I knew you’d understand,” you say as you embrace her and kiss her.

“Hey!” her dad interrupts, “You can’t do that!”

Ashley walks up to him and yells back, “Why the fuck not! He chooses me and I choose him back. After so many years I’ve finally gotten a big dick to fuck and a real man that comes with it. I’m tired of you”

“Baby..” he replies pitifully.

“Yeah, why don’t you take your dick out? Take it out and let everyone see how tiny you are.”

He does take his dick out — and boy, is it tiny.

“The fuck, Daddy!” your girlfriend bursts out laughing. Ashley joins in too before walking up to you. She starts stroking you and tells him, “See, this is a real man’s dick. Why don’t you jerk yourself off on the chair while this stud fucks me and your daughter in front of you.”

Before you can say anything, both Ashley and your girlfriend drop to their knees. Rachel immediately starts sucking your cock. While she bobs her wonderfully warm and wet mouth up and down your shaft, her mother’s lips and tongue are expertly stimulating your balls.

“Fuck…” you can’t help but sigh. This is amazing.

Rachel grabs your ass and shoves your dick all the way inside — choking herself. She starts fucking her own face using your dick. Saliva and pre-cum drool off her mouth and on to her mother’s pretty face.

Ashley crawls under your feet and you feel her cool hands on your ass cheeks. You feel her pull your ass cheeks apart and then the wet sensation of her tongue on your asshole.

“Holy shit!” you exclaim as Rachel’s mother starts giving you a full-on rimjob. Not wanting to blow, you pull both the ladies up and bend them over the table. Rachel’s dad is sitting on the opposite side, looking at his wife and daughter’s face and tits while jerking off.

Thinking it best to fuck your girlfriend first, you walk up behind her, rub some spit on her pussy, and start fucking her.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck…” she moans through gritted teeth. You grab her tits and squeeze them while fucking her, pinching her nipples.

“Oh Daddy, you’re such a dirty old man..,” she tells her father with your dick in her cunt, “jerking off to your own daughter, that’s so dirty… but my boyfriend is my Daddy now. My good, manly loving Daddy. Isn’t that right, Daddy?”

“Oh fuck yeah, sweetheart,” you say as you hump her hard. In a couple of minutes, Rachel arches her back and screams as she climaxes on your cock.

Then you pull out and walk over to Ashley, who’s wiggling her ass at you. You whisper in her ear, “Anal?”

Her eyes light up and she nods.

You spit on your hand and try to lube up her anus. With a finger, you try to stretch it out a bit as she moans.

“That’s right baby, he’s getting my ass… you could never dream of it, could you?”

You place your dick at her anal entrance and push forward. She pushes back. After the initial resistance, you feel the tip of your dick slide in and the rest of the shaft after that. It feels amazing. It’s much tighter and warmer than her pussy.

You start fucking her ass as she rubs her pussy and moans and whimpers. She’s clearly an anal girl. You grab her ass flesh with one hand, and with the other grab a fistful of her luxurious hair and yank it back. Then you fuck her ass hard.

She cums about three times before you pull out. Both the girls drop to their knees and stick their tongues out. You explode all over their gorgeous faces, after which they share the hottest cum-infused kiss you’ve seen. Just as you’re getting ready to leave, Ashley walks over to her husband, who shot his load on the floor. She holds his head in place before kissing him with her cum-covered lips.

“That’s what a real man tastes like,” she says before you all leave for your home.

Life is going to be good.

The End