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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yesreally...)

Even though the thought of eating your own cum seems disgusting, you get on your knees and take gulp. You don’t want to piss Rachel off — your cheeks are still warm from her slaps. You notice a twinkle in her eye as she lifts her cum-covered foot to your mouth. You hold her leg gently and start to slowly lick your cum off her foot. You can’t help but grimace — it’s so fucking salty! Why do people keep saying its sweet? It’s horrible.

“Yes, go on. Lick my foot and swallow your cum,” she murmurs while pushing her foot further into your mouth.

The best way to go through this is fast, you think. It doesn’t have to last any longer than necessary. So you man up and start hungrily licking your cum off her sexy body. After you’re done sucking it out from between her toes, you move up to her toned calves and muscular, smooth thighs. You have to admit your girlfriend is pretty fucking hot.

Once you’re done, you feel so nauseous you have to rush to the bathroom. You wait over the sink for a few seconds but nothing comes out.

“I hope you didn’t throw up?” you hear her say behind you.

“No,” you say, wiping some saliva off your lips, “it’s all inside me. It’s all inside me.”

“You’re such a good girl,” she tells you as she hugs you lovingly from behind, pressing her breasts into your back and kissing your neck.

“What we just did…” she continues whispering in your ear, “it was so hot. Edging you. Making you eat your own cum off my feet. I’ve never felt so fucking horny.” She bites your ear lobe.

“Ba-Mistress,” you say, carefully, “I’m spent. I don’t think I can please you right now.”

Rachel giggles. “I know, sweetheart,” she says, “but you don’t have to. But I have someone else.”

This alarms you. You were okay with this domination game as long as it was between you. But now it’s going public? What the hell?

“May I ask who is coming, Mistress?” you ask her, trying to sound polite.

“A real man. You know, a big part of my domination fantasy is to cuckold you. To be fucked by a much stronger, bulkier, and better endowed man while you watch and jerk off in the corner. It turns me on so much just thinking about it, God. Imagine it, babe. Another guy’s much bigger dick stretching me out while I humiliate you. Isn’t it hot?”

“Um. Mistress, who is coming?”

And right then, the doorbell rings.