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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Yesreally...)

“Babe,” you begin, “this whole thing with the turkey..”

“What? You didn’t like it?” Rachel asks with her eyes wide open. She’s so cute.

“What! Of course not! I loved it. I really loved it. In fact, it gave me sort of another idea… about something else we could do. You know, food-related.”

“Well, go ahead. You gave me my fantasy, it’s only fair I give you yours.”

You sigh. Here it goes.

“Well, I was wondering if we could sell some fresh milk. I’ll explain. So we set up, like, a little stall on the side of the road. And here’s the thing — basically, you’re going to squeeze the milk out of your breasts. And the way guys will pay for this milk is by fucking you.”

There is a long, awkward pause where you try really hard not to look at your girlfriend’s heaving breasts.

“That’s hot,” she murmurs.

“Really?” you ask excitedly.

“Oh, fuck yeah. I’d like to sell milk. But there’s a problem. I’m not lactating. And I’m not pregnant. How do I get milk?”

“Oh don’t you worry about that, sweetie,” you say before you kiss her on her lips. Then you tell her about how you read online about this thing called galactorrhea. Women can lactate without being pregnant by a number of ways — certain medications, herbal supplements like fenugreek, marijuana, and excessive stimulation of the nipples can cause lactation (this is actually true.) So over the next few months, you give your girlfriend all the things she needs to start lactating. Every night, you fuck her tits before you go to sleep. Sure enough, in two months her tits are readily spraying out a lot of milk if you just squeeze them.

Finally, D-Day arrives. Rachel dresses up in a bright yellow sundress that ends right below her ass. She skips her underwear for obvious reasons. She stands at the stall and tries to invite passers-by to buy some of her milk while you sit back and enjoy the view of her bouncing ass.

After like ten minutes, this bulky guy walks up.

“Hey, I was wondering if you had any milk? I need some for my kid.”

“Hi!” your girlfriend says like a bimbo, “Sure we do. I can squeeze out one glass for you if you just fuck me hard.”

You try not to laugh looking at the guy’s expression.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we sell breast milk. My breast milk,” she lifts up her boobs, careful not to squeeze them, “which is really very healthy and delicious. All you have to do is fuck my brains out.”

After a few more minutes of convincing, the guy walks around the stall and starts kissing your girlfriend. This is finally working!

You see his hands roam all over Rachel’s body, squeezing her ass and then her tits, which causes some of her milk to come out.

“Whoa…,” he says.

“Don’t worry,” Rachel smiles, “you’ll still get a full glass.”

She drops to her knees and whips his dick out in a flurry. It’s smaller than yours. You wink at your girlfriend and she knowingly winks back. Then she starts giving the guy the sloppiest, noisiest blowjob. She spits on and sucks his balls while jerking him off. She deep-throats him without much difficulty. And she rubs the tip of his dick all over her lips and cheeks. Then he pulls her up and bends her over the counter. He lifts her short sundress, grabs on to her waist, and starts pounding away. The wooden counter is creaking beneath their bodies. In a few minutes, he announces he’s going to cum and discharges his load copiously into her cunt. You know it’s copious because when he pulls out, quite a bit starts leaking out of her cunt.

Then he packs his dick back inside his pants as your girlfriend pulls her, now much larger, breasts out. She places a bottle on the table and squeezes her boob. A jet of milk sprays directly into the bottle until it fills up. The guy happily takes it and walks away. Rachel looks back at you happily, saying, “This was such a great idea!”

You smile in return. The news must have spread because quite a few guys start coming up to your girlfriend for her milk. While most of them take home bottles, some of them want to drink directly from her nipples, which she had no problem doing. As more and more guys fuck her, her pussy and inner thighs seem to be coated in cum. Since a lot of the guys also want to cum in her mouth, there’s also a lot of cum around her chin and lips. As she fills the bottles with her milk, the front of her dress seems drenched in her milk by the end of the day. She seems to be loving this mess.

When Rachel’s nipples become too sore and she can’t lactate any more, you finally decide to close shop. You walk up to her and she drops to her knees. Holding her hair, you face-fuck her hard until you shoot your load all over her wonderful tits. She smiles back up at you.

“I love you, baby.”

The End