Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by GluttonyGirl...)

As you hear Rachel sobbing between one word and another, you immediately feel guilty for what you’ve done, even if she was the one who wanted it very rough. It was really hot, you loved it and she seemed to like it too, but you can’t stand seeing the girl you love crying like that.

“Hey, babe, come here…” you whisper while lying down next to her and surrounding her naked body with your arms. She winces as you touch her, and immediately turns towards you. She nestles up against your chest, crying a little more as you put one hand in her hair and gently caress it.

“Sorry hun, I didn’t mean to…”

“No, no, it’s okay!” she interrupts you, putting one finger over your lips and looking towards you; her eyes are still red, but now she’s smiling faintly at you.

“I told you I wanted it rough. You did nothing wrong! It’s just…” she sighs, hiding her face against your neck. “Maybe I wasn’t that ready. My bad.”

You let out a sigh too, still caressing Rachel’s head. Of course you did as she asked, but maybe you should have been more thoughtful. After all, that was your girlfriend’s first anal experience.

“I think I’ve been too much rough, baby, even if I managed to make you cum. I’m sorry,” you whisper to her, lowering your face in order to kiss her on the head. You hear her sigh again and you can’t do anything but hug her tightly.

“I really want to do it again,” she says after a minute, then kisses you on the neck and along the jawline. “It was…so intense. Believe me, I really, really liked it after all.” She blushes as she says this, and you smile for how cute she looks.

“Next time I’ll stop when you ask, I promise,” you reassure her, putting a hand under her chin and raising her face in order to meet her eyes and put your lips against hers in a deep and passionate kiss.

You can feel her trembling slightly, maybe because of the recent orgasm, maybe because of the cold air against her naked skin, so you stroke her back in order to make her relax or, anyway, warm her up a bit. She kisses you back, caressing your cheek with one hand, pressing her body against yours. Now she seems fine.

“Tomorrow,” you hear her whisper against you lips between a kiss and another. “Let’s try again tomorrow.”

You smile, then sensually lick her lips.

“As you wish, baby.”