Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by GluttonyGirl...)

Knowing what will happen that evening, your girlfriend looks very excited in the morning, and when you get back from work she can’t hide her enthusiasm any more; she takes advantage of every kind of chance to sensually touch you or to press her body against yours. She even cooks your favorite dish in order to please you, and you really appreciate it. She is making clear that everything is fine, that she wanted it too and that she wasn’t scared at all, so it would have been your duty to return the favor and be gentle, if needed.

Rachel is the one who enters the bedroom first after she gets all ready and refreshed for you: she’s wearing nothing apart from a black g-string and a pair of fishnet stockings. She knows really well how much that sort of attire can turn you on, that lil’ smartass. Seeing her like that makes your manhood throb in anticipation as you enter the room.

She smiles slyly, lying seductively on the bedsheets but keeping her lively eyes locked on you as you begin unbuttoning your shirt and revealing your chest.

“You’re such a tease, baby,” you lovingly scold her as you get on the bed to reach her, and she giggles in response. You can already feel your erection growing inside your tight pants as your hand caresses one of her legs until reaching her soft ass, then firmly squeezing it. She lets out a soft moan, looking at you with eyes full of curiosity and expectation.

“So, darling…” she coos while tracing circles on your chest with her finger, “what about training a bit?”

You grin mischievously, then give Rachel a light slap on that round ass of hers.

You’ve already thought about various possibilities, so you just have to choose or improvise. A butt plug? Anal beads? A small vibrator? Your expert fingers? Your hot tongue?

One thing is certain: you want to keep the best — your throbbing erection — for last.