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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

You start warming Rachel up by spreading her soft butt cheeks to get at her starfish with your tongue. She moans at the feeling of your cool fingers touching her derriere, you slowly lean your head in and lay a soft kiss on her pink butthole. She moans again, then you slip your tongue out and lick all around her ass.

Your girlfriend can’t take it any longer so she grabs the back of your head and slams your face into her big butt, causing your tongue to penetrate her anus. She lets go and spreads her ass cheeks, saying “Here, I’ll make it a littke easier for you babe.”

You give Rachel a lustful look and dive back into her sphincter. You moan into her ass as your tongue swirls around her insides, causing her to shiver with pleasure. After a few minutes of this you feel her butthole tighten slightly, and she starts bucking her hips into your face grinding her ass up and down.

“I — I’m cumming!” she screams and shortly after she sprays your face with her girl cum.