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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As Katherine enters the Burger Restaurant she can feel people watching her. Desperately trying to stop her short skirt from riding up, she walks towards the ordering point, the cum on her leg now streaking below her knee. Katherine is aware that with the blouse on and without the comfort of the blazer her tits are clearly visible to the guy serving her.

Katherine orders two burgers, her face burning with embarrassment as the guy fails to make eye contact with anything other than her small boobs and pointy nipples. “6.20” the guy says to Katherine holding out his hand. Suddenly Katherine realizes she has no money and looks blankly at him. After saying she can’t pay the guy calls over an old Asian man who takes one look at Katherine and spots the cum, tits and overall package that Katherine has to offer.

“It is okay, erm this girl goes to the same school as my daughter. We will just go to my office and you can wait for her there. I don’t mind you having free burgers if you are her friend. Please, this way.”

He pushes open a door near the serving area and guides Katherine into a room with no windows and barely room for the desk and table that it contains.

After ushering Katherine in he follows and unzips his cock as soon as the door is shut. “You are a slut and it’s time to eat my cum before you get to eat my burgers.”

He grabs Katherine’s tits roughly through her blouse and rips it open to feel her hard nipples. He forces her to the ground as he takes a seat, his large cock standing erect between his legs.

“Put that jumper on,” he says, pointing to a pink fluffy knitted jumper lying across the table. Confused, Katherine removes her ruined blouse and puts the jumper on. Although tall and slim the jumper is far too small for her, riding so high on her chest most of her stomach is visible.

“Good,” he says as he gently takes hold of her head and slowly forces his cock into her mouth.

“Now My darling little Manu I know you like this jumper that’s why mummy made me buy it for you. But as any daughter knows you get nothing for free so it’s time to thank me,” he murmurs, forcing his cock deeper into her.

As he thrusts and holds her head over his cock Katherine finds it harder and harder to breathe, choking on the huge cock time and time again. The man is lost in his own world, looking at the jumper and saying words Katherine does not understand.

Suddenly and without warning he blasts a hot torrent of cum forcibly into her mouth, although the majority is deposited directly into her stomach he pulls out quickly, making Katherine splutter a huge wad down the front of the jumper.

“What have you done!” he screams at Katherine, “take that off now, before you get any more mess on it, Manula has to wear that tonight!”

Quickly removing the jumper, the man pushes Katherine towards the door, not waiting for her to grab her ruined blouse. On the opposite side of the office door the hallway leads back to the restaurant one way with an emergency exit the other way. The man points to the exit. “Go now, you slut and take these with you,” he shouts, throwing the two burgers at her.

Wearing only the short skirt, with cum on her leg and smeared on her face and with the two burgers in her hands she tries to cover herself while pushing open the exit. Spotting the car twenty metres away she knows she has no choice but to run for it.

Rachel opens the back door, grabs the burgers off Katherine and allows her to slip into the car. “Drive, Ross,” Rachel orders you as Katherine sits quietly beside her, trying to cover her nakedness with one hand while frantically trying to make herself cum with the other!