Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Rdizzle...)

“It would be a bit better if you were oiled up,” you suggest.

Rachel says, “I like that idea I even brought some in my bag.”

Monica jiggles her boobs while she’s waiting and your girlfriend grabs some lube out of her purse. They start covering each other in it and miss a couple of spots.

“You missed Monica’s ass,” you comment.

“Really?” Rachel says as her friend bends over, revealing a great view of her asscheeks. As she applies lube to it she lavishes it with kisses.

You get pretty hard by this and Monica says, “loser has to do anal and lick the winners pussy.”

Your girlfriend immediately tackles Monica. She has too much momentum and slides too far and has her pussy in her friend’s face. Monica slips out from under and sits on Rachel, taking this opportunity to spank your girlfriend’s ass.

You watch as the slaps leave red marks and cause Rachel’s butt to jiggle. After this Rachel slithers out from under and pins Monica down.

Monica says, “Oh no, I lose!” in an innocent voice.

You and Rachel smile, thinking about what’s about to happen about how good this will be as you plunge your thick cock into Monica’s asshole.