Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by outloud...)

Slowly, you walk over to your girlfriend. You hold her face in your hands and lean in for a kiss. She pauses. You look into her eyes and whisper, “I choose you, babe.” She chokes up a bit as you kiss her soft lips. It would’ve been a really romantic scene if your erect dick wasn’t coated in her mom’s pussy juice.

Your hands move down to grab Rachel’s ass as you start kissing her neck, making her moan. Her hands find your cock and start stroking it. You reach inside her panties, pulling them off the curve of her butt. The soft underwear falls to the floor and she steps outside them, kicking them aside. You pull her dress down to reveal her breasts and start pinching her nipples, making her moan loudly. She wraps one leg around your waist and pulls you closer. You grab her ass, lift her in the air, and place her on the table. She opens her legs and rubs her clit seductively. You spit on the tip of your dick and move closer to her. You keep the tip at her entrance as she wraps her legs around your waist and pulls you inside her. She holds you tight as you start fucking her hard and fast — the way she likes it. She bites your shoulder, making you go harder and spank her ass.

As you fuck Rachel, her mother makes her way to her disgruntled husband.

“Get away from me,” he says gruffly.

She doesn’t say anything. Instead, she drops to her knees, stubbornly pulls her husband’s dick out and starts stroking it. After it’s clear he’s not going anywhere, she starts sucking him off enthusiastically.

“Yeah, bitch, you like this dick, don’t you?” he grunts as he fucks her face. She tries to nod.

Meanwhile, your girlfriend pushes you to the floor, straddles you and starts riding you hard. You reach up to grab her bouncing breasts, covered in a sheen of sweat. Your hands move down to her hips, which are energetically grinding against you. Now she’s fucking like her mom, you think. Like her whole body is coaxing the orgasm out of you.

You both look to your right as her mom gets on all fours. Her dad positions himself behind her (his cock is not too bad, but definitely smaller than yours) and starts humping immediately.

You pull Rachel close, flip her over so she’s on her back, and start pounding her missionary style. The room is full of the girls’ moans and the sound of skin slapping skin. Soon, you grab hold of her breasts, squeeze hard, shove your rod all the way inside, and hold it there as you cover her womb in cum. Then you get off her and lie beside her, panting. Few seconds later, her dad grunts awkwardly and shoots his cum all over her mom’s ass before they, too, lie down.

As you all lie together, weirdly satisfied, you decide to break the tension.

“Same time next week?”

The End