Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by mike...)

Your cock starts to swell as the thought of your sexy girlfriend fucking another man (or men… or women…) penetrates your brain. Rachel notices and reaches over and starts to stroke your semi-hard cock slowly. With a teasing smile on her face she says, “So, who do you have in mind?”

Your mind is starting to wander as she continues to stroke your now-completely-hard eight inch cock. She circles her thumb and fore finger and teases just the head, very slowly. You try to concentrate on the conversation. “Well, were you thinking about someone we know, or a stranger?”

Your concentration is wavering as she teases the tip of your cock. She giggles. “I guess I have never put a name or face to the fantasy, but now that I know that you are on board with it I’ll bet we can think of someone.” With that she lowers her face to your cock and takes all eight inches into her mouth in one motion. She reaches down and massages your balls as she starts to suck your cock for all she is worth.