Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You finally get home and run upstairs and use the charger next to your bed. The few moments to gather enough juice to turn back on seem to stretch out into an eternity of anticipation. Finally you see the screen blink on and the ringer goes crazy as it informs you of multiple messages.

“I hope they are from Rachel.”

It’s a bunch of pictures. First is of your girlfriend with Jill her friend from work. Rachel is whispering into Jill’s ear while cupping her tit. Next is a picture from the bathroom mirror of Rachel licking Jill’s neck from behind her with a hand on Jill’s crotch.

You scroll further to find the two off them in a selfie with a third girl you don’t know. Same thing — Rachel and Jill on either side whispering into ears with hands on either breast. Then a mirror pic with Jill frenching this new woman, while Rachel kisses her neck, with both of them grabbing at a pussy exposed by a pulled-up skirt.

“Your sluts are ready,” a text from Rachel reads.

Next is a link to a video that was posted a while later. You relax in bed and take off your pants ready for a wild porno starring your girlfriend.