Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by SomeOne...)

You admit that you truly love the idea that third part of you came up with. It seems like a sure-fire way to gain back Rachel’s trust. You ponder for a second more, then decide upon it. You look over at Rachel, showing mercy in your eyes. You hear her sniffle and let out a confused whimper.

“Wh-What… What are you going to do to me…?” she asks, her voice not much more than an innocently terrified whine.

Her tone only motivates you to lean in and kiss her soft lips gently. You hear a little moan in a confused tone from her as you draw back. She’s watching you with wide, scared eyes, unsure of your next move. If only she knew your plan.

You move slow, trailing kisses down her neck, breasts, and stomach. Her little whimpers turn into quiet moans, and you can tell she loves what you’re doing. It motivates you to move on to the prize you’re after, her sweet and delicious pussy.

“Ross… What’s going on…? I thought… I thought you were angry with me… I thought you hated me…” she questions. You can still hear some of the fear in her voice, and you know you have to be the one to lessen it.

“Rachel… You of all people should know that I could never hate you. I just got upset hearing what you wanted. I thought I wasn’t good enough for you, and I acted out. I’m sorry, and… I hope this proves it.”

With that speech out of the way, you let yourself dive into Rachel’s soft, moist slit and make a feast out of her. Your tongue slithers across her tender spots, making her gasp and moan. Her tears are replaced by soft giggles and squeals as you please her. You gently suck on her clit, nibbling on it ever so gently like you know she loves, which gets her even further aroused.

“Ross! Y-You’re so great at this! I love it!” she gasps, gently grasping handfuls of your hair to keep your head where it’s at.

You can’t help but chuckle, your hot breath on Rachel’s flesh making her jump. You then get yourself serious, and continue your mission of giving her the best orgasm she’s ever had. You decide to get your hands involved, using them to gently spread apart her pussy lips so you have better access to her. It’s tricky to get them to stay where they need to be, considering just how wet and slick you’ve gotten her, but you manage, and she loves it.

“Ahh! Ohh, fuck! Ross!” she cries out as you let your tongue move much more rapidly, lapping up her juices eagerly. You catch momentary glances at her face, seeing in her expression just how much she’s enjoying your treat.

Her body is trembling now, and you can tell she’s about to cum by how spastic her moans and panting have gotten. You decide to give her an extra treat to finish her off. You suck her clit hard, and right as she’s on the verge of orgasm, you slip two fingers inside of her. This pushes her over the edge, and she screams in pure ecstasy.

“Ahhhh, fuuuuck! I’m cummimg, I’m cummiiiing!” Rachel squeals before heavily panting, trembling in pleasure before you. You lean back, looking at the mess you made of her, and smile.

Once she’s calmed down, you untie her and cuddle with her until she falls asleep. It’s quite obvious now that your girlfriend won’t try to ask to cheat on you ever again.

The End