Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by CriticalityPWND...)

Well, sure enough you step into the mirror and find yourself animated and in the Night Raid hideout from the earlier episodes when everyone was still alive. Everyone is there: Najenda, Bulat, Tatsumi, Sheele, Akame, Lub, Leone, and Mine. It seems like your girlfriend comes here a lot because when you both step through, she is greeted by everyone. Then they all turn to you. You are kind of nervous seeing as how you know everything about them and they know nothing of you.

Then, as soon as you start to speak you hear the cheerful voice of the blonde girl with a big bust, Leone, as she says, “Well, well, well Miss Rachel, who is this fine gentleman that you’ve brought?”

Your girlfriend blushes and replies with, “He’s my boyfriend,” in her new-found kawaii voice, as Lub faints at the fact that she has a boyfriend.

Akame, though you don’t know why, instantly starts checking you out. This is good considering that Rachel wants you to do it with her. Mine as always doesn’t appreciate new comers, so she doesn’t look too approving.

Najenda starts to introduce everyone but you interrupt and tell her you already know everyone here. She gives you a questioning look, but then asks you to tell her everyone’s names. You point at everyone in rapid succession and tell her what their names are and what their imperial arms are. And you even tell her that she thought General Esdeath’s was the most powerful. She looks at you in amazement and you have a snarky smile on your face.

Akame and Tatsumi make dinner and after that Akame and your girlfriend take you back to Akame’s room. Considering you know what what going to happen, you start to harden up immediately. Akame notices and gave you a sly, shy smile when she sees the tent in your pants. She locks the door behind you and closes the curtains.

“So, how do you want to do this?” she asks.

Bewildered, you ask “You’re going to let me do it the way I want to?”

“Yes of course, why not?”

You reply with, “I thought you might be a bit more careful and controlling,” and she smirks.

You say “Well first, I’d like to start by undressing you myself.”

Akame’s face almost gets as red as the tie she is wearing. She walks up to you and instantly starts kissing you. It is so hot and literally the thing of your dreams that you almost hate yourself for pulling away to look at your girlfriend for a reassuring look. Rachel gives you a sincere look, and you go back in again making out with the girl of your dreams.

You undo the tie she is wearing and tell her to get on her bed on her hands and knees. You then spank her with her tie, not too hard, and she yelps in pleasure. You undo her short skirt and sneak a peek at your girlfriend who already has her short shorts unbuttoned and off a little and is fingering herself.

You then undo the sleeveless suit item that Akame is wearing to reveal the rest of her white undergarments. So, here, in front of you, is a half naked Akame, and your pants can’t contain your aroused penis any longer.

You gently take off her bra, as not to hurt her. You then remove your shirt, pants and the rest of your clothes. You then reach down the front of Akame’s panties and gently rub the outside of her vagina and she moans beautifully. You then penetrate her and moans better and louder as you finger her. You remove her panties wholly, and really go at it.

Akame starts leaking womanly juices and you decide to have a taste of her. You hit all the right spots and nearly make her cum with your tongue alone. But before she can, you pull away, face dripping with juices. She then opts to suck you off, to which you have no objection. She sucks on you until you nearly orgasm and then she pulls away like you did to her. You start making out so you can taste yourselves in the other’s mouth.

You then tell her to lie on her back on the bed and before you can tell her to, she spreads her legs. You tease her by rubbing the tip of your penis on the outside of her vagina as she moans loudly. You then penetrate her and she moans even more loudly. She’s so nice looking you think to yourself, “she’s perfect.”

You start thrusting into her slowly and she moans “Faster!” in the most transfixing voice ever. So you do what she wants and you go faster. She squeals and starts to shake and you feel her tighten around you. She drips cum from around your penis while you’re still increasing your speed. Her orgasm gives you immense pleasure and you almost explode inside her. You pull out and cum on her stomach and on her breasts. She then sucks the rest off of you.

You start making out again and continue for another half hour. And then you both fall asleep in Akame’s bed, naked and pleased. You wake up the next morning with Akame still sound asleep and Rachel asleep in the chair she was in last night. You go wake her up and ask, “I had way too much of a good time last night. Do you mind if I stay here for a week or two with Akame? I really love being with her. I’ll be back I promise you.”

Your girlfriend replies with a swift “Yes. Anything to make you happy. I’ll leave after breakfast. You can help Akame with the meals so you’re not just freeloading and don’t have to become a trained assassin. You’d also give poor Tatsumi a break.”

Your face lights up with glee. “Thank you so much!” You and Akame then get dressed and make out a little before going to prepare breakfast. After breakfast, you give Rachel a goodbye kiss and see her home.

The End