Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Your dick gets harder in anticipation waiting for the video to load but then you stare in confusion as it’s a self-shot video of Rachel’s boss, John.

“We were just having a meeting when some of the women just went crazy.” With that he flips the camera around.

Jill is on the conference room table getting double penetrated with another guy fucking her throat while jerking off another. In the background you can see the other woman from the restaurant whispering into the ear of Gladys, the near-retired secretary.

John pans down and you see your girlfriend devouring his cock.

“This is for you master,” Rachel says with a wink.

The camera returns to John’s face. “That awesome or what? I like the sound of master.”

You’re furiously jerking off with the added rush of knowing this is all for you. The camera has started filming the action again. Someone has come up behind Rachel and has slowly worked a dick in her. Your girlfriend starts moaning provocatively around the man-meat she’s blowing as she gets spit-roasted.

Gladys is now naked on the table. Age has left her breasts saggy and she has an untrimmed wild grey bush. The girl you don’t know is spreading Gladys’ legs and is set to muff-dive. Someone has come up behind her and started rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks.

Jill is held up between two guys as they bounce her on their pricks, one in the ass and one in her cunt. She already has a load of jizz on her face and she’s shaking and screaming as she cums.

The camera returns to Rachel as her boss pulls out and with a few pumps blows a sticky stream over her smiling face, followed by the guy behind pulling out his prick and shooting globs up her back and over your girlfriend’s round ass. She looks up to the camera and winks.

You have never been this hard and you explode, covering your chest with cum. You save the video and watch a couple more times. But then the thought crosses your mind… shouldn’t Rachel be home by now?