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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

“Nurse Julie here is one of the reasons I thought of doing this,” Rachel says. “Her and her partner Allie have wanted to get pregnant but donors don’t come cheap.” She accents the word “come.”

Julie is still checking the IVs and concentrating like she’s doing math in her head. Now you notice her short pixie hair with one half of her head buzzed. She’s not at all butch but she does fit the stereotypical lesbian.

Your cock as been getting harder and harder for seemingly no reason. It almost feels like it’s going to rip the skin. Your balls also feel incredibly heavy.

“Don’t worry honey,” your girlfriend says. “That’s just the cocktail working.”

“You’re going to have to change the bags when they’re empty and don’t let him go more than two days without a release… figurative and literal, unless you want him to suffer.” Julie’s instructions to Rachel have you breaking out into a cold sweat. How long does she plan for this to go on?

“Remember our deal,” Rachel says. “You keep me supplied with all I need and you get a baby.”

With that, Julie pulls down her scrub bottoms and begins climbing onto the bed. Her pubes are shaped like a lightning bolt and she has piercings, one ring through her clit and another on her pussy lip. There’s also a couple of tattoos you can’t make out down there.

“I don’t think I’m turned on enough,” she mentions as she straddles you reverse-cowgirl. She has a tramp stamp and a dolphin on her left cheek.

It’s like she’s afraid to touch your swollen hard-on.

“I could help!” Rachel chimes in. “Don’t you think I’m sexy?”

Julie takes her time thinking.

“Or we could test out the milking machine?”