Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by O. Michael...)

“I want you to suck me dry,” you answer her question.

“As you wish, master,” Rachel says, then climbs onto the bed. She doesn’t hesitate to take the head of your hard cock into her mouth. In fact, she seems quite excited to give you a good sucking. Then again, this is what she wanted, cosplay sex.

With her tongue, she licks around the head of your penis. Her tongue feels nice licking you, but she wants more, and so do you. She takes a few more inches of your dick into her moist mouth, sucking you and licking up and down your rod as you bop her head up and down quickly. “Oh yes baby, that feels nice,” you moan in pleasure. “Suck faster maid.” She follows your command and takes the rest of you in her mouth. Now she’s deep-throating you, and you both are loving it.

“I’m so close,” you manage to say in between your soft moans of pleasure. By now she’s at full speed, trying to do her master’s bidding. Her tongue is licking up and down and around your cock, saliva dripping down it, and her eyes are staring up at you seductively. The look in her eyes is telling you to cum, but you don’t want to. You want her to keep sucking you and not stop, but that’s not what happens. Cum shoots out of the tip of your penis and into your girlfriend’s mouth. She releases your meat pole from her mouth and swallows your semen.

“Now that was awesome,” she says and lies next to you in the bed.

“Agreed,” you reply, and put your arms around her body.

“Let’s do this again sometime, master.”