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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

The following week you decide to go. The address is a large old warehouse that looks a little scuzzy. You’re greeted by a receptionist and Rachel and you are lead through a maze of servers and computer banks.

“Hey welcome! My name’s Matt,” a friendly, nerdy looking guy greets you. “Is this your first time?”


“Get comfy in those chairs while I explain,” Matt says. “We high-jack the nervous system at the neck leaving all your base functions like breathing and stuff intact. We use a head-set, head-phones, and leads along the scalp for the rest. It’s a purely digital world so you can do anything. Menus are on a watch you will see on your wrist. There’s no other controls. You just do what you want how you normally do it. Walking is walking. Jumping is jumping.”

“Seems easy enough.”

“Do you want to just jump in or do you have a special scenario in mind?”