Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Coffetao...)

“I want to try double anal!” your girlfriend proclaims proudly. You are taken aback; you know Rachel has always liked anal and you’ve done it regularly but you never thought she was this adventurous.

“Are you sure babe?” you ask. It seems to good to be true.

“Yeah, and I want your friend Jamie to do it with us,” Rachel says.

You don’t know whether you’re offended at how quickly Rachel decided who else was to take her ass with you, but right now you couldn’t care less — this has always been a dream of yours. You talk about it a bit more then you call up Jamie and fill him in. Jamie agrees and is at your house within fifteen minutes. You take him to the bedroom where Rachel is waiting naked on the bed. Her asshole is lubed up and ready.

“Okay boys, I’m ready,” Rachel says.

You grab some lube and apply a generous amount to your member then pass it to Jamie and he does the same. Jamie lies down on his back on the bed, Rachel lies on her back on him and you kneel in front of her. You grab her legs and put them over your shoulders. You push your cock into your girlfriends tight ass. Rachel moans as her chute is filled. Jamie grabs Rachel’s butt cheeks and presses his cock to her back entrance as well. You feel his dick pushing deep into her ass next to yours.

“Ohhhhh fuck yes!” Rachel moans as her asshole is stretched to fit both cocks. You and Jamie start to thrust into your girlfriend’s ass harder and faster. Rachel is moaning loudly.

“Fuck yes! Fuck my ass harder! Fuck I’m cumming!” Rachel screams. Rachel begins to squeal and shudder as she cums hard and you feel her asshole squeeze your cock. You and Jamie are close to finishing, so you slam your cocks in her ass as fast as you can.

You feel your orgasm fast approaching so you hurriedly shuffle around to her head and blow your load all over her pretty face and into her open mouth as she moans happily. You look over and see that Jamie has cum inside Rachel’s asshole.

Rachel is grinning ear-to-ear while Jamie quietly leaves the house. And you cuddle Rachel until you both fall asleep.