Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Nfj020...)

“I want to be sold to a human trafficker!” says Rachel inexplicably.

“What? You want to be sold?” you reply, shocked by your girlfriend’s request.

“It’s something that sounds so exciting to me… it’s dangerous, illegal, but soooooo hot! It’s not that I’m unhappy with you, Ross, but this is my biggest fantasy!” she says, blushing. “We can set up a contract with potential buyers. For example, if you want to see what’s happening to me, we can ask that they send you videos, or if you want me back at some point then they can rent me. But I’d much rather be sold…”

You don’t know how to respond, but something deep inside of you likes the idea of your girlfriend becoming someone’s property, so you nod and smile cheekily. “Well, let’s sell you!” you say as you smack her ass.

She blushes and yelps, knowing she’s soon going to be someone’s personal belongings.

After you’ve taken some pictures of your girlfriend, you install the TOR browser and look for a human trafficking marketplace. Once you’ve found it, you create an account as Rachel goes to get some groceries. You look over at her and see she’s wearing a lazy outfit. Sweater, no bra, jeans and a thong, with sneakers. “No no no!” you say, walking over to her. You strip her naked and tell her she has to wait there. You grab an old dress of hers (maybe she was fifteen when she last wore this, you don’t know), and some high heels. “Put on loads of makeup and wear this. You’ll have to get used to being a dirty whore — don’t think those deep-web guys will be gentle with you.”

After you put Rachel up for sale, she walks over in the way-too-tight dress, heels and the loads of makeup you told her to wear. “Hurry up!” you say. “Once you’re back you’ll have loads of bids!”

It takes an hour for Rachel to get back, and you decide to check the site again. She sits on your lap as you log in, and hear her gasp. “15,000 bucks by some guy named slutuser, and he’s in a bidding war with barebackabuser!” she says, scared. “I don’t know if I want to go on with this… this sounds too scary for me, please take me off the site honey!” she pleads.