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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Nfj020...)

“Well, you wanted this” you say to her. “You’re already up for sale, I can’t take it off. Sorry honey, you’re gonna belong to one of those men in about an hour,” you tell her, while keeping a straight face.

Rachel is walking around with a frightened look on her face. “25000” you tell her. “A minute left, this is good money babe!” you say encouragingly as your girlfriend looks at you with anger. “Sorry…” you say, “but hey, you wanted this. And in three, two, one… Now you’re property of BasementBanger203 hun, and I’m 26000 bucks richer.” Rachel starts to cry.

A few days later a black station-wagon parks in your driveway. A man walks up and rings the doorbell, and Rachel opens it. The man looks friendly, very kind. “Hi, you must be my new property! Where’s your owner?” he asks as you walk up.

“Hey, basementbanger203?” you ask.

“Yeah, that’s me. Came to pick up this little piece of fuckmeat. I got your money,” he says as he smacks your girlfriend’s ass.

“Come in!” you say. “Rachel, get us some coffee will you? Oh and get naked, you need to be checked.”

“Okay…” she says, and comes back later with the coffee, butt naked. In the meantime, you’ve received and counted the money and it’s all there.

After having your girlfriend checked over, you give her belongings to her new owner. He declines, saying, “She’s got no rights from now on. She’s not allowed to have stuff, so you can just sell it.” He throws her in the car, naked. She starts crying, and he drives off.

After a week you receive a video from an unknown email address. You open it and it’s…