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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PK1988...)

“Let’s try doggy style,” Amanda moans. She slowly climbs off of you as you roll of the bed.

You stand by the side of the bed as she crawls towards you. She takes the length of your hard cock in her mouth, tasting her own juices off your cock.

“Turn around,” you tell her. Without a word she crawls around and places her fat ass high in the air. You climb on the bed behind her.

You ram your cock all the way inside of her. Thrusting as hard and you can, as you pull her back towards you. Her curvy body is wobbling like crazy.

“Ohhh… fa…” Amanda moans. “Pleasss…” She can barely get a word out.

You remember what she said about fucking her as hard as you can, so you don’t slow down.

After several minutes you feel yourself on edge, so you slow down to prolong it.

“Oh my god,” Amanda screams. “Please don’t stop!”

You pull your cock out, and stroke it a few times. It’s soaked in the juices of her pussy. You also remember that your girlfriend first wanted to see you with another guy, so you’ll give her the next best thing. “How about anal?” you ask, winking at Rachel.

“Umm, I guess we could try,” Amanda replies.

You line your cock up with her ass and start slowly thrusting. “Fuck that’s tight,” you say. You climb off the bed and open the bedside table and grab some lube. You spray some over your cock and on her ass. You slowly push you cock back into her chute. After a few thrusts you can finally get your cock all the way inside. You slowly start building your thrust faster and faster.

“Yeasss, fuck my ass, Ross… Fuck it!” she screams.

You push deep inside her ass and explode. You slowly pull your cock out and watch as your cum slowly runs of her ass.