Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Once you arrive home Rachel allows Katherine to quickly enter the house but orders her upstairs. You are desperate to cum after all that has happened but your girlfriend has other ideas.

“Your friends will be here in two hours, you will just have to wait, now upstairs with you too.” As you both enter the bedroom Katherine is fast asleep on the bed again, spent through her exhaustions. Rachel looks at Katherine’s tiny bum and wonders how your friend Jamie will feel when he’s deep inside it later.

Grabbing her phone, Rachel starts to take photos of her naked niece asleep. “Push your cock inside of her,” she suggests.

Without waiting a moment you thrust yourself deep as the photos are taken. For five minutes you listen as your girlfriend wife gives you instructions as you fuck her niece.

You push your cock deep into Katherine’s ass and are just about to explode when, moments from your climax, Rachel suddenly announces she has enough photos and to stop. You desperately want to finish but Rachel refuses to let you.

An hour later Rachel wakes up Katherine. “Earlier you were drunk, then drugged and did some very interesting things. Tonight there will be a group of men coming over and you will be fucked and used like a slut. You won’t have the pleasure of alcohol or drugs though.” Before her niece can object, Rachel turned her iPhone around, showing a post to Katherine’s Facebook page. All of the photos are there, and an address to a ‘meet partners to fuck’ website, asking them to call day or night in person.

“Now put on the summer dress and help me get the snacks ready.” Both Rachel and Katherine put their dresses on, no bra or knickers and go off to the kitchen. Rachel’s phone bleeps, Danny from her work can’t make it tonight. “Damn, we need another,” she thinks, “I wonder…”

An hour later, Jamie knocks on the door. When Katherine answers his eyes nearly pop out but he is completely confused about what was happening. He is closely followed the two husbands of Rachel’s friends, Mark and John. John has always fancied Rachel and is a bit of a lech. Always getting a grope in wherever possible, tonight being no exception.

As they you all sit down around a makeshift card table Rachel serves you all beer. “So, you boys enjoy your card game. If you need anything let me and Katherine know,” Katherine makes it back to the kitchen and is shaking like a leaf, her fear starting to subside as she doesn’t have to do anything… yet.

Rachel walks in after her. “The first one who goes for a piss you are going to help them. Do you understand?” After fifteen minutes, John stands up and heads towards the downstairs toilet. Rachel, looking on, spots him and orders Katherine out. They reach the toilet at the same time. “Oh, after you,” says John, drinking in the image before him.

“No, it’s alright, I’m erm, I have er, come to help you, if you want me to?”

Not believing his ears he grins from ear to ear. “Yes my dear, most definitely!” With a wolfish grin he drags her into the small room, his bulging cock wanting to be free.

“Take it out then” he commands. Katherine unleashes a huge 10“ cock that suddenly starts to piss. She aims it at the bowl and most goes in although some has covered her hand.

“Sit down” he says forcing her onto the seat. Without another word he forces his cock into her mouth. Sober and drug free, this time Katherine knows exactly what is happening to her. As she gags on the smell and droplets of piss, John quickly pumps as much of his monster cock down her throat as possible until he pulls out, just before erupting over her face.

“Thanks love,” he says, unlocks the door and without another word rejoins the game. Rachel quickly enters the toilet to see Katherine still dazed with cum splattered all over her young pretty face. “Don’t you dare move,” she says, exiting quickly.

Entering the living room she looked at you and says, “Darling I really need your help for five minutes, can you give me a hand?” Jamie, John and Mark all offer but Rachel replies, “You big boys can help me later, but this is a job for Ross.” With a wink and a flick of her dress, showing all of them a glimpse of her pussy, she turns and leaves the room.

You follow her into the hallway. “I don’t mind your friends coming over but if they create a mess it’s your job to clean it up. Now get in there and ensure every last drop is gone,” she says, pushing you into the bathroom where Katherine still sits motionless with cum covering her face. “Eat,” commands Rachel. Instantly hard, you start gently to kiss and lick her niece’s face. The cum has started to go cold and is different from Jamie’s or your own.

When you finish you turn back to find your girlfriend has gone. Quietly you return to the game. On entering the room you see Rachel sitting on Jamie’s lap, a look of fear on John and Marks face, awaiting your reaction as it is quite clear his left hand is up her skirt.

You meekly sit back down and start to deal. Jamie smiles and says to Rachel, “This hand’s rubbish, I fold. Did you prefer it when I came in your ass or your pussy?” Both Mark and John look stunned. “Well?”

“My ass,” she replies.

“Good to know. Now more beer please and get Katherine to sort out my friends will you?”