Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

With a round of beers in hand and Katherine back in the room Jamie directs her to Mark. Just as he is about to give an order the doorbell rings.

“Right Katherine, into the bedroom,” says Rachel. “Mark, can you make sure she gets into bed safely please?” Mark jumps up and drags Katherine off as Rachel goes for the door.

“I’m so glad you could make it Dave. Sorry for the short notice I didn’t know you were in town this weekend till sis phoned,” says Rachel.

As the new guest enters the living room your jaw drops. You can’t believe Rachel has invited him, of all people. “Hi Dave, erm pull up a chair.”

After the intros are done, Rachel fixes Dave a beer, compete with a dissolved blue pill.

The game starts again with a hot and sweaty Mark rejoining some twenty minutes later. Rachel has been stroking the men’s shoulders and rubbing her boobs on their heads or sitting on their laps, but very little in the way of real action as Jamie is unsure of the new arrival who he doesn’t know.

As the beer starts to take effect, Dave gets up to take a piss. Rachel quickly follows. “When you are finished come into my bedroom!” she says, lifting her dress to show her shaved fanny, and she trots quickly to her room. Within a minute Dave is in the room with her, frantically clawing at her boobs through the dress, desperate to get the prize he has watched from afar and always wanted.

“Wait,” says Rachel, pushing him on the bed. Picking up the handcuffs she cuffs him to the top of the bed railings. She pulls a blindfold from a side drawer and he instantly gets harder as she applies it to him. She then adds a ball gag for good measure.

Slowly moving to his cock she gently takes it into her mouth. His ample six inches is not the biggest but can still do the job. “I will be back in a minute,” she says, getting up off him, switching off the light and going next door.

Katherine sits up in the bed, naked and disheveled with swollen pussy lips evident. “Right you, next door. I want you to go in, suck him, fuck him and make him cum. Do you understand? Keep the light off as he loves to fuck in the dark.”

Katherine enters the room, finds the man by feel, and duly starts sucking the cock. As it is already fully erect she wastes little time before climbing on top. She looked over to Rachel who stands at the door with her camera in hand. As she raised her hips up and down, thrusting the cock inside of her, she can feel both of their orgasms starting.

“Remove his blindfold,” Rachel commands.

Fumbling in the dark Katherine does as she is told.

“Now the gag…”

As the ball gag comes loose, Rachel turns on the light and starts taking photos as Katherine climaxes. As their eyes adjusteto the light, both Dave and Katherine suddenly realize what is going on.

“Dad!” Katherine screams as Dave explodes deep within her.