Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Who...)

After a few moments of looking into your step-sister’s eyes as a beautiful smile forms on her face, you just straight-up lean in and kiss her. She only reacts by kissing you back, with no hesitation at all. You hold the kiss for few moments before slowly breaking it. You both look into each other’s eyes again. “As wrong as having sex with my step-sister is, it hardly compares to what’s going on downstairs. And besides, it’ll be just like old times,” you tell her with a smile.

Amy smiles back and gives you another kiss. You both continue to make out as you slowly push her back towards the bed, simultaneously stripping each other if any clothing you may be wearing. You reach the bed at the same time your step-sister’s bra has been removed. With both your hands you begin groping her firm, perky tits. As you squeeze her boobs, you begin to remember why you could never resist a night with your step-sister all those years ago before you started dating her best friend. Remembering this makes you slightly more eager and you can almost forget what’s going on downstairs.

You continue making out and groping your step-sister as you slowly push her down onto the bed, following her while making sure to not lose contact. Amy is lying on your bed completely naked, and you’re leaning straight over, also completely naked. You take her left nipple into your mouth and suck it so hard you wouldn’t be surprised if milk came out. Amy gives the faintest moan and assists your right hand with her own in groping her right tit.

You continue sucking on her nipples, swapping between them for a few minutes before moving down lower. You release her erect breasts completely and slowly kiss your way down her half-toned yet firm stomach, reaching your step-sister’s clit in no time.

You lick over her clit once, receiving a small moan in return, than you move to her vagina. Teasing her vaginal opening with the tip off your tongue you receive more and more moans as you go on. Then you raise your head and swiftly, without any warning, stick two fingers straight into Amy’s vagina. This raises the level of her moans a little, but not by much.

You slowly finger her vagina for a moment. Then you hear a loud moan coming from downstairs. It sounds like your girlfriend. Trying to remove all thought of what is happening downstairs you pull your fingers out of Amy’s pussy and leap up over her again. You give her another kiss than look down to your dick. You line your fully-erect dick up with your step-sister’s vagina, your knob nestling into her entrance.

“Wait!” she shouts, trying to be quiet and placing a hand on your chest. You look at her in confusion with your dick ready to make the plunge. “I haven’t even sucked you off yet to prepare your cock. It will make it better when you fuck me if you let me suck you off a little first,” she explains.