Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Who...)

You realize that this is what you used to do with your step-sister all the time and pull back. Then you crawl up beside her and she moves down lower on you. She gives the tip a quick kiss before licking all the way down the side of your hard dick. She then takes your dick in her mouth in one go. This is when you remember how good it feels. How good it feels to have your cock being sucked by your step-sister. You may have always felt ashamed the next morning, but man it was always worth it. She always knew how to work wonders with her tongue on your dick.

Feeling this again makes you even more eager to fuck her. So you grab Amy’s head with your hands and pull her face down in your cock, making her take your full length. Then you lift her head up, and pull her back down, beginning to pick up the pace. You start bucking your hips and before long you’re face fucking your step-sister. After a few minutes of somehow not blowing your load deep into her throat, she taps you on the leg to signal she wants to stop.

She lifts her head up, gasping for air, leaving your cock covered in saliva. After taking a moment to catch her breath she rolls into her back and spreads her legs, giving you the signal to come in. You crawl on top of her again and line your dick up with her vagina. Again you place the tip of your cock at her opening, but you leave it there for a moment. First you lean down and give her a kiss. Then after leaning back up, you thrust the full length of your rock hard, saliva-coated dick, straight into the wettest pussy you have ever fucked.

Without a choice, Amy takes your full length, moaning load enough for the neighbors to hear. Now you remember why you fucked her so many times all those years ago. It feels so fucking good for you to fuck your step-sister. You begin thrusting in and out of her vagina with pace, no easing into it. She starts bucking her hips with you to create a rhythm.

You continue fucking Amy as fast as you can as she attempts to keep with the pace. She moans louder and louder every time. After about fifteen strokes of your dick inside her pussy, she screams, “Oh… Fuck… Fuck yes… Yesss… Fuck me, Ross… Harder… Yes… Fuck me until we both cum twenty times over… Fuck me all night long… Fuck yes… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

You pound her harder and harder until she screams, “I’m coming!” and she squirts all of her juices over your cock. But you don’t slow down in the slightest — after all, she told you to fuck her until you both cum twenty times over. So you keep ploughing her pussy.

Then suddenly you feel the house shake, as if an earthquake. Then you see a bright light out the window. Within half a second you are dead. Donald Trump has started the nuclear war and we are all dead.

The End