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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Your hesitancy has cost you because before you can come up with anything, Rachel interrupts. “I’m going to make a love potion and get these horny school boys to fuck me.”

She starts to walk away but stops and turns and beckons you with a wicked smile and a tantalizing wiggle of her finger. You follow her down to the potions lab and help her gather the ingredients she needs and begin boiling them in a large cauldron. Before long your girlfriend has a large vial full of the stuff.

“How are you going to get them to drink it?”

“Take my hand,” Rachel commands, and then with a wave of her wand and Latin sounding words you are both transported to the kitchen where she spends little time spiking the drinks.

“Now all I have to do is go up to the boys dorms and wait.” She grabs some wizard candies so that you can pass the time.

Time passes very quickly. You don’t know if it’s because of magic or the VR just knowing what you want. Finally with darkness looming out the windows the school boys make their way to bed.

On catching sight of Rachel they surge forward and surround her while pawing and pinching. A few have taken out their dicks and started working them.

“Let’s get this party started,” you say as you wave your wand at your girlfriend and make an incantation. With a stream of fire from the wands tip, Rachel’s robes are cindered off and magically replaced by fiery red crotchless panties and cupless corset.

Rachel loves the attention she’s getting and drops down to start the action. With a hard penis in each hand and her mouth working another, she begins to move from one boy to another. Someone has crouched down and is rubbing her clit and fingering her, and one of her admirers has worked the tip of his wand up her ass.

Now Rachel is moving to one of the beds. You point your wand at it to transform it from a bunk to a king. Your girlfriend looks over at you and gives you the biggest smile and blows you a kiss. Her face is then contorted with pleasure as she lowers her hungry pussy down on a stud. A fellow student climbs up and uses a spell to lube and open her ass before ploughing in. Again Rachel has someone standing over her getting a blow-job and two others getting hand-jobs. They take turns in their adolescent eagerness in the different positions on yourgirlfriend, never lasting very long before blowing their jizz over or in her. She has the white sticky cream all over her face, in her hair, over her tits, dripping down her back and slick over her round butt cheeks. You can see the love nectar oozing out around the members penetrating her holes.

Rachel looks to you and smiles with appreciation for you letting her fuck like a wild pornstar. But this party isn’t over!