Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You start the next day anticipating screwing Rachel at work and you have difficulty concentrating. But at around midday you get a text from her. It reads, “Work’s crazy won’t have any time for ‘special’ clients. How ‘bout dinner out?”

You are quite crushed but agree. After work you head to the restaurant and get a table. Rachel soon joins you.

“Hey Ross, sorry about today.” She gives you a big kiss and sits next to you. “But I have a surprise.”

Your girlfriend takes your hand and slides it up her leg under the tablecloth. Your fingers brush her bare pussy lips as she gives you the most mischievous grin. You start caressing her, pushing her legs open a little wider.

“Can I take your order?” a waitress asks.

You and Rachel do a great job of acting like nothing’s happening and order your usuals. Meanwhile you are knuckle deep in her wet snatch and alternating between being in her and rubbing her clit.

Rachel stiffens as an early climax sweeps through her and she knocks off a spoon. With a heavy breath she asks, “Should I crawl under and get it?”