Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

After your girlfriend makes her way down to the basement you arrange for her best friend Monica to visit, then wait desperately for her to show up. For as long as you’ve known her, you’ve wanted to bend her petite figure over a table and fuck her brains out. You can’t believe she actually said yes to this! And all you had to tell her was that Rachel wanted this too and some crap about finding the romantic spark again. This can only mean that she’s also been hot for you or that she was dumb enough to believe you.

There’s a knock on the door and you hurriedly walk up and swing it open. And there she is! She has a naughty smirk on her face and quickly hops inside as if she’s afraid of being seen by people. She’s wearing a tight black miniskirt which emphasizes her little butt and a tight sleeveless black top which accentuates her perky breasts. She’s recently gotten a haircut and now sports really cute shoulder-length wavy hair. Her heels add a few inches but don’t really fool anybody.

“So, Ross,” she says. “Let’s go?”

You nod. “Yep, let’s go. Downstairs.”

You take her to the basement and she literally shouts when she sees her best friend standing in the corner in chastity garments. After the initial shock, she walks up to Rachel and asks her if she wants this. You glare at your girlfriend even though you don’t need to. She quickly assures Monica that this is consensual.

Meanwhile, you walk up behind Monica and hug her, pushing your erection against her back.

“Fuck,” you hear her whisper.

“Are we done chatting?” you ask, caressing Monica’s flat, exposed tummy. “Can we get to the fucking?” You give her a dry hump at the same time as you say “fucking” — eliciting a small moan. Rachel nods too.

Your hands move down her sides, feeling her waist and then her thighs. You lift up the front of her miniskirt and pull it above her waist. You place your palm on her pussy, making her moan again. You notice how damp she is between her legs and how she’s ever so slightly pushing her butt back against your erection. Looking into your girlfriend’s eyes, you push your fingers inside her friend’s underwear and then inside her cunt, making her arch her back and writhe in pleasure. As you finger her, you feel her hands reach around and pull out your dick.

“Holy shit, he’s huge!” she exclaims.

“Yes,” Rachel agrees. You yank her friend’s panties down and bend her over.

“Hold your friend while I fuck her,” you tell Rachel. She agrees and grabs Monica’s hands to balance her.

You spit on your dick, line it with Monica’s pussy, grab her waist, and shove it inside. “Fuck!” she screams in both pain and pleasure.

You fuck her hard, deep, and fast — all the while looking at your girlfriend’s face. You reach around Monica, push her top up and grab her perky breasts as you fuck her.

“You like this?” you ask Rachel. “You wanted this?”

Rachel desperately nods her head while Monica, who thought the question was for her, yells out enthusiastically, “Yes I fucking love it! Give it to me!”

You fuck her harder and spank her butt a couple of times, which she seems to enjoy. Would she like to be dominated too, you wonder?

You grab Monica’s hair and pull her face up to your girlfriend’s. “Kiss,” is all you say, while hammering into her. She hungrily grabs Rachel’s face and makes out with her — sucking her tongue and shoving her own into her mouth.

You’re close to cumming and pull out. Monica immediately gets on her knees and sticks her tongue out. You grab her by her ears and start face-fucking her. She grabs your ass to balance herself but doesn’t withdraw. She’s an animal!

Finally, you push your dick all the way down her throat and ejaculate copiously, making her gag and cough some of it up.

You sit down on a couch and relax while your girlfriend just stands there, all horny, and her best friend is basking in the glory of what just happened. You wonder what to do now. Add Monica to your harem of subs? Or just have normal sex and focus on cuckolding your girlfriend? Or call someone else in? Maybe some girl-on-girl?