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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“Well,” says Amy, “I thought you would never ask.” Then she leans over and unbuttons your fly. She looks you straight in the eyes as her soft hand reaches in under your shorts and you feel her long fingers closing around your penis.

“I’ve really missed this fellow,” she says. You start stiffening as she brings it out in the bright light from the kitchen lamp. You look at Rachel, but she is just sitting perplexed, with her jaw dropped and looking straight at Amy as your step-sister leans over and pops your cock in her mouth.

It all happens so quickly. You’re surprised — somehow you thought she would need some more persuasion. You feel yourself growing harder and harder while she slowly sucks your dick.

“I really love the feeling when a cock grows in my mouth,” she says, taking a break in the blow job. “Rachel, don’t just sit there. Come over here and taste my step-brother’s cock.”

Your girlfriend isn’t slow to react. She takes your cock in her mouth and sucks it eagerly and deep. And all the while Amy is caressing her hair and encouraging her.

“That’s my girl,” says Amy. “Show us how much you love your boyfriend.”

They take turns sucking your cock, and you realize they’re competing with each other to find out who gives the better blow job. You look down at your step-sister and your girlfriend eagerly sucking your dick and you think to yourself that this might be the best day of your entire life.