Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“Well,” says Amy, “I thought you would never ask.” Then she leans over and start making out with Rachel.

They kiss intensely and long, and you feel a pang of jealousy mixed with pleasure as you see how passionate their kiss is. Amy slides her hand under Rachel’s shirt and Rachel moans as Amy pinches her nipple and bites her lip.

“You’re the best friend a girl could want,” says Amy. You must have known I always wanted this.“

“I had my suspicions,” Rachel replies and unbuttons her shirt. She is wearing nothing underneath and her breasts are completely exposed in the stark light from the kitchen lamp.

“My, my,” says Amy, “you really do have a nice pair of boobs.” Then she eagerly pops one of Rachel’s boobs in her mouth and start sucking at it eagerly.

Rachel looks at you, but you don’t notice anything else than your gorgeous step-sister sucking at your girlfriend’s tit. It all happened so quickly, you thought it would take a little more persuasion.

“Don’t just sit there like a moron, Ross,” says Amy, looking at you. “Come over here and taste some of these beautiful boobs.”

You move over to Rachel’s other side and then you and Amy both suck one of your girlfriend’s boobs each. You feel the stiffening nipple pressing against your tongue and you and Amy compete to see who is able to get most of her boobs in her mouth at once.

Rachel moans with delight, and you feel closer to Amy than you’ve ever felt before, like you were truly brother and sister, suckling at the same woman’s tits and not just step-siblings.