Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bigman...)

“I want you to fuck me with George. Your small white cock can take my ass, and he’ll fill my pussy with his big black dick. Won’t you like feeling another man’s cock inside me? Please baby, I know you’ll love it!” says Rachel rapidly, blurting it all out.

Despite not knowing who the fuck George is, you agree. Your girlfriend sends a message to a number on her phone that says “Daddy.”

Five minutes later, you meet George. Time is precious, so after some brief formalities, you both get straight to work on Rachel. She gets on her knees and sucks both of your cocks into her mouth. Your cock gets instantly hard but she tells you you’ll have to wait until she gets the main course ready.

You stroke your cock while watching her devour George’s mammoth black dong. She takes him deeper than she’s ever taken you. She notices you watching and teases, “You like watching me baby? You like watching me suck this big black cock? It’s so much better than your puny white cock.” She looks at George and tells him, “Look my boyfriend is about to cum from watching me suck your cock!”

They get on the bed. Your girlfriend mounts this man’s huge black cock. You watch as it slides all the way inside her fertile pussy. Not wanting to get sidelined you get behind her and slam your cock up her tight asshole. You can feel George’s big cock pumping away in Rachel’s cunt right next to yours.