Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

“How about we invite your parents but not mine?” you suggest. “You don’t seem to mind but I will be weirded out with my parents here.”

“Hmmm. Fuck it, okay. I’ll tell your parents not to come.”

“Thanks,” you say and just then the bell rings.

You both go to answer it and it’s her best friend Monica! She’s wearing a short black dress, red lipstick, and black heels. Instantly she flashes you that smile you so love. Your girlfriend hugs her first and they both burst into giggles and then you hug her, your hand resting above her waist. She holds you and whispers in your ear, “It’s okay, grab my ass.”

You do as you’re told and let out a desperate moan as your hand wraps around her soft but firm butt.

You three walk into the living room, both the girls holding your hand. “So, we should wait, I guess?” you say, not very persuasively.

“Maybe,” Monica says, “or not.”

With that, she hooks her thumbs into the straps of her dress and pulls it off in one smooth motion. Both you and your girlfriend gasp. Her skin and body are simply flawless. Her brassiere is black and strapless, and her panties flimsy and translucent.

“Dayum, girl,” Rachel comments.

You follow and pull off your T-shirt. You see Monica bite her lower lip. “I’ve always wanted to get on that bod,” she says in a sultry voice.

“Go ahead,” your girlfriend says, “today there are no rules.”

“Good point, silly me.”

Rachel also pulls off her dress and is standing in a white push-up bra and matching lace panties.

“Dayum, girl,” Monica says with that beautiful smile again. You hold her hand and just as you’re pulling her in for a kiss, the bell rings.

“What the fuck!” you both exclaim and start laughing.

Who could it be?