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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sexyboy2214...)

“I want you to inflate me like a balloon,” your girlfriend says.


“I’ve been doing this solo for some time but I’ve never thought of doing with you,” Rachel explains. “I like being inflated — you know, the same way you pump up a tire.”

At this moment you realize this is why she is constantly looking bloated and farting every time she leaves the bathroom, not to mention looking very horny. “Yeah sure,” you respond, just to see how she does it.

Rachel giggles with delight and exclaims, “Yes! follow me!” She looks at you in a sexy manner and proceeds to walk out of the bedroom. You follow her all the way to the bathroom where she opens a cupboard and pulls out a large air pump. “Works like a charm,” she says confidently. “Shall we take this back to the bedroom?”

“Definitely,” you respond. Back at the bedroom Rachel plugs in the huge air pump and asks you, “Would you like a naughty little show first for a warm up?”

“Yes please,” you reply, getting aroused. Rachel bends over the bed, propping herself up with one arm and proceeding to finger her twitching asshole with the other. You pull out your cock and start to masturbate. Then Rachel gets off the bed and turns on the air pump, handing you the small pipe connected to the machine while bending over in front of you. “I’m letting you have the honor of inserting the pipe into my butt.”

Your dick twitches in your hand and you take the rubber pipe push it as deep as you can into her ass. Rachel then turns a knob on the pump to “Full Power” and the machine buzzes into life.

Rachel moans and sits on your lap with your dick being cradled by both of her ass cheeks. She grabs both of your hands and places them on her stomach. You feel her stomach gurgle and expand, growing by inches every couple of seconds. Soon Rachel starts complaining of cramp in her stomach and commands you to pull out the pipe. Without a second thought you yank it out of her asshole.

Your girlfriend lifts her ass up and sinks your dick deep into her butt, riding it while swerving her hips back and forth with her bloated belly. But before either of you can cum she screams, “I can’t take it anymore!” and stands up, squeezing her belly and farting out all the air. You peer into her gaping ass and are surprised to see, hidden deep in her contracting colon, are several butt plugs. You have no idea how they got there or when but you don’t care. You stand up and proceed to shove your dick into her ass and fuck Rachel until you both cum fiercely.

You pull your dick out of her ass immediately and realize she came so hard that she’s started shitting out the butt plugs. One by one they drop out of Rachel’s gassy asshole and by the time she is finished you count eight medium-sized butt plugs stuffed up inside Rachel’s ass.