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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Mnm...)

As you are fucking your girlfriend you grab her tits. You are having the time of your life. Usually you cannot feel much, but with George’s big black cock in her pussy you are feeling everything.

Your curiosity grows… you wonder what that black cock would feel like against yours. You cock pops out of her ass and you start pushing it against her cunt and his cock. Rachel laughs and says, “You really like this black cock, dont you? Does it make you hard?” You grunt in response and your cock slides in her cunt.

George’s veiny cock rubs against yours. You are about to cum. You shove yourself as deep as you can and start shooting. It seems to keep coming. When you’re finally done your cock falls out. Your girlfriend rolls off of George. You see that she has a hickey on her boob and neck.

George looks at you and asks, “Did you just cum on my cock?” He stands up and his huge cock waves inches from your face. Before you know it, your mouth is being fucked by a huge black cock. After a few minutes you hear Rachel laugh and say, “Look he’s trying turned on again!”

You feel George’s cock leave your mouth. You are thrown on the bed with Rachel’s pussy inches from your face. George grabs your shoulders and you feel him push his cock against your ass.

He slams forward and your mouth meets her pussy. She tells you to clean her pussy out. You lick her clean as George fucks your virgin ass.