Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You watch as Rachel subtly shakes her head, lowers her hands to her sides, and leans forward on her knees to make the angle straighter. Wow. He made that look easy. You’ve never managed to convince her to do that, she always uses her hands more than her mouth and insists on straight-up sex after a minute, and no way will she go back to it a second time. It’s not like you’re complaining though, Rachel has a tight pussy and you’re more than happy. But shit, John managed to face-fuck her. The first time, you get it — he caught her off guard and she stopped it pretty quickly. But now she’s actually agreeing to do it.

You notice that Rachel has shifted her position, giving you a perfect side view. There she is, your girlfriend on her knees in front of her boss with her bra pulled down below her boobs. His knob is completely concealed in her pursed lips, and there is still at least six inches of her boss’s cock to go.

“Good girl. Now open wide!” grunts John as he slowly pushes his cock back into Rachel’s open mouth.

You just sit there and watch as inch after inch slides past her lips, noticing her arms tense and relax as she resists the urge to move them. Eventually Rachel’s face is pressed into John’s pubic hair. He holds her there for a moment, before repeating the process a few times before pulling out all the way and resting his cock on Rachel’s forehead. She looks up at him expectantly, her chest and face flushed.

“That’s better. Now, let’s work on that technique. Use your tongue on the way in. Swirl it about a bit. Then suck hard on the way out. Let’s practice that shall we?” chuckles John.

Rachel just nods. “Yes boss”.

John grabs her hair again and slides his cock in her waiting mouth. You sit there and stare at the screen, clearly seeing her cheeks bulge as she tries to work her tongue on his shaft, and then her cheeks hollow with suction as it slides back out after bottoming out in her throat. After a few minutes of this “practice” John seems happy with Rachel’s technique.

“Very nice Rachel. You’ve always been a quick learner. That’s one of the many things I like about you,” states John. Releasing her hair, he goes on, “Now all by yourself if you would!”

Rachel reaches up and grabs John’s cock. As she slides it into her warm mouth you notice that there must be four inches sticking out past her fist. Holy shit, this guy really is hung. Once the knob is past her lips Rachel releases her grip and slowly leans forward until her nose is buried in his public hair once again, her throat moves slightly as she resists the urge to gag as she holds it there. She leans back and slowly extricates the cock. It makes a loud “pop” as she releases the suction and lets the knob out from her lips, before extending her tongue and licking all over.

“Oh Rachel, that was a nice touch! Your creative ability is yet another one of the things I admire in you. So talented. So, so talented indeed.”

This seems to spur Rachel on and she quickly returns to blowing her boss. As you watch the scene play out in full live HD splendor, you unzip your pants and stroke your rock-hard boner to the best porn you have ever seen. How can you not? The starlet is literally on her knees, tits bouncing around above her bra while she deep-throats her boss, wait for it, hands free. It’s so much better knowing that the porno starlet is your own girlfriend Rachel. You had no idea she could be this sexy, this slutty, and you’ve got it all on film! The thought puts you over the edge and you cum in huge spurts all over your hand and it drips onto your pants.

You hear giggling and look back at the screen. You can’t believe your eyes. Rachel is shaking in a fit of giggles with cum dribbling out over her lips, as John shoots stream after stream of cum all over her face and boobs. Eventually he finishes, grabs a length of her hair and wipes his cock off on it. Your first thought is that you missed the money shot — your girlfriend getting a cum-bath! The second thought is a sense of niggling embarrassment. Rachel’s voice snaps you out of your reflection.

“Ewww! That’s nasty! Now I’ll have to wash my hair!” laughs Rachel, feigning mock disgust. “Ross will be home soon too!” continues Rachel glancing at the camera.

Oh shit! She’s right, you were supposed to interrupt. Are you really cool with this though? John took control pretty quickly — maybe this could go too far? Or perhaps it might be fun to see how far your slut girlfriend is willing to go?