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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Fuck it! John’s gotten way too far into this way too quickly, you think while pulling up your pants. You bang open the door and head to the bedroom shouting, “Hey Rachel, I’m home!”

“Oh, Hi Ross! I’m here, just about to take a shower!” Rachel calls. You hear a commotion and count to three before opening the door just as you hear the water start in the en-suite shower. The bedroom is empty, but Rachel quickly pops her head around the en-suite door.

“A shower? Have you been working out?” you ask in your best attempt at innocence, controlling the building anger within.

“Something like that” Rachel giggles.

This seems to strike John as funny, and he stifles a laugh from his hiding place.

“It’s just that my hair is really icky! I must have gotten something in it!”

John just can’t hold it in and you hear another laugh, much louder this time. Rachel quickly pulls her head back behind the door.

Anger rising, you snap, “Who have you got in there with you?”

“No one! Calm down Ross! It’s okay. Relax!” Rachel squeaks in reply as she pops her head around the door and sees your reddening face.

“It better not be that prick of a pool guy again! This time I’ll really fuck him up!” you yell. With that the en-suite door bursts open and John comes rushing out, pulling his pants up and gibbering like a child.

“I’m sorry Ross! So sorry! It was all her idea! I’ll make it up to you. Please. I’ll give Rachel that promotion she wants. I really will! Don’t hurt me, pleeeaasse!” blathers John as he pushes past you and out the bedroom door. As you hear the front door slam shut, you close your eyes and start to relax. When you open them, Rachel is on her knees in front of you. She reaches out and pokes the wet patch on your pants.

“Hmmm… what’s this?” She licks her finger. “Did you cum while watching me blow John? You did, didn’t you?” She reaches up and unzips your pants. “So you liked watching me slut myself out to my boss, hey?”

You look down at your girlfriend and nod your head yes. Rachel smiles, and takes you into her warm inviting mouth as you lean your head back and look at the ceiling. Before you know it, cold air surrounds your dick, and Rachel pushes you back onto the bed.

You yelp, “Hey, I thought…” but Rachel cuts you off.

“Honey, Shhhh. I’d rather fuck. You know that…” coos Rachel as she pulls you on top of her and guides your dick inside. She feels so tight and warm, that you can’t help it and you stat humping her for all you are worth. You sigh in resignation. Even after all that she still won’t deep-throat you or let you cum in her mouth. At least it looks like Rachel will get that promotion, you reflect. That’s some consolation right?

The End