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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Okay, she wanted this. Time for you to play your “part.” You bang open the door and head to the bedroom shouting, “Hey Rachel, I’m home!”

“Oh, Hi Ross! I’m here, just about to take a shower!” Rachel calls. You hear a commotion and count to three before opening the door just as you hear the water start in the en-suite shower. The bedroom is empty, but Rachel quickly pops her head around the en-suite door.

“A shower? Have you been working out?” you ask in your best attempt at innocence.

“Something like that. It’s just that my hair is really icky. I must have gotten something in it!” giggles Rachel, giving you a sexy wink.

This seems to strike John as funny, and you can hear him stifle a laugh over the running water. Rachel quickly pulls her head back behind the door and you hear her shush him to be quiet.

“What was that? Have you got that pool boy in there again?” you inquire, trying to sound like you’re joking.

“No silly, Paco only visits on Wednesdays,” replies Rachel matter-of-factly.

“Ah, right. Paco on Wednesdays. Got it,” you laugh in response. “Silly me!”

“Correct. There’s no one in here but me. Well, no one except my boss, John,” Rachel giggles while pushing the door open and quickly slipping into the shower alcove.

John is nowhere to be seen. You know from fond personal experience that there is plenty of room in there for two, so he must be in the shower with her. You step into the doorway, but the light is off, and the steam has fogged up the glass so you can’t see much. You decide to play this out and quietly walk back and move the camera to a spot on the vanity counter so it can get a good shot of the shower. Hopefully the low light performance is all it was cracked up to be in the adverts.

“Hey?” you retort with a chuckle “Did I miss the memo about Fuck your Boss Friday?”

“Apparently so! You should really pay more attention to detail, Ross. Then you’d know that I’ve been blowing John all afternoon!” replies Rachel, sticking her head around the shower door. She notices the camera, and mouths “Nice!” before shutting the door again. “Leave the fan off. I want it nice and steamy in here while I fuck John!”

“Anything for my slut girlfriend. Let me know when you’re done, I’ll be down stairs,” you reply from the doorway. “But I’m not sure Paco will be so understanding!”

“Haha! But don’t go just yet. I’d like to chat a while,” says Rachel, wiping the shower screen.

It’s a big risk, but your clever girlfriend has only removed the fog from just below head height, down to the waist. Slowly and subtlety she uses her foot and leg to wipe it the rest of the way down to near the floor. You can clearly see Rachel’s soft white fleshy body. So hot. Behind her you can just make out John from the chest down. You can’t believe how totally slutty Rachel has gotten. She’s giving you the perfect porno shower view. That was a quick transformation! How lucky can a guy get?

“Nah, I’m good. We’ve done it before in the shower. Been there hit that!” you tease.

“Oh really! Is that so? I’ll make it worth your while. I’ll describe what John is doing to me if you like? But no peeking mister! John says so. Otherwise he won’t give me that promotion I’m after. I want it so bad, I’ll do whatever it takes! Right now my boss is soaping up my boobs. Here, see?”

With that the side of the shower screen suddenly fills with Rachel’s tits. The sight is amazing. You love her tits at the best of times, but all wet and soapy and squashed against the glass, it’s too good to be true. Just as quickly they’re gone. Damn.

“Okay, you win. I Promise not to peek, I wouldn’t want to ruin that promotion you’re working on in there, haha! But I want details, Rachel. Lots of details!” you chuckle again.

“You’re such good guy Ross, thanks!” giggles Rachel “Well, John wants a bit of a blowjob again. He seems to enjoy those. Here goes…”

You stare in amazement as Rachel drops a washcloth on the floor and kneels down on it. You see your girlfriend’s face come into view as she leans forward and pulls John towards her. She turns to you and smiles. By deliberately choosing a side view, Rachel is giving you and the camera a perfect view of her kneeling at her boss’s feet as she sinks her lips down his eight-inch cock. You watch her blow and stroke her boss, but this time though the water seems to make it harder. You hear her breath become labored and she starts gagging.

“Hmm, ack, he’s, so, arg, big, ack, Ross!” gags Rachel with her running commentary, her hands sliding up and down John’s shaft in time with her mouth.

“Wow honey, sounds like you’re really struggling in there!”

“Yeah, he’s, arg, pretty big, ack, Ross. Plus all this, ack, water makes it, arg, hard to, arg, breathe!” pants Rachel in between slurps of John’s cock. Then it goes quiet and she leans back on her haunches.

“You okay in there?” you ask.

That’s when you notice John reach down and remove her hands from his tool and gesture behind her. You see Rachel nod and clasp her hands behind her back. Wow, she’s really getting into this. Maybe too much. She’s never been this subservient with you.

“Oh Ross! Apparently I gotta do it hands hmmmmmgh…” — but Rachel is cut off as John slides his tool deep down her throat — “nuurrg…free!” she gasps as he extracts his cock and rubs it over her face.

You watch for what seems like days as your girlfriend bobs her head back and forth on her boss’s cock, and listen to her slutty stilted commentary, interspersed with sucking, gagging and gurgles. The actual words eventually stop as John’s hands grip Rachel’s pretty face and it degrades into a face-fucking. After that it’s just guttural sounds of sucking, gagging and slurping.

Suddenly it stops, and John’s buttocks tense and his balls begin to contract. Rachel leans back out of the main water spray as John fists his cock, splattering your girlfriend with cum. As the spurts slow she wearily lowers her upturned face and looks through the glass at you, and glances at the camera. She smiles, letting the cum leak out between her lips.

As the water slowly washes the rivers of cum off her pretty face and boobs, you wonder what the hell can John want now?