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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You close your eyes and inhale deeply. It may be because it’s a feature in the game or enhanced senses but you can “see” the scent in the air leading down the castle hall.

“Lilac and gooseberry,” you whisper to yourself. “Just like Yennefer.”

You follow the aromatic trail as it leads to finely carved oak double doors. You enter to find the sorceress standing over a stuffed unicorn in front of a roaring fire.

“You found me!” she chuckles. “I left a trail a blind man could follow. Ross.. I mean Geralt, I feel so powerful. I want you to fuck me so hard.”

The amulet at her throat begins to glow as her name’s black clothes begin to turn to smoke and billow off her revealing Yennefer’s lingerie. It may not be period but damn the shoulderless corset and very high bikini cut panties look amazing. Her shapely legs are wrapped in delicate lace stockings past her knees.

“Come her witcher,” she beckons. “I have a contract for you.”

Your girlfriend is going crazy sexy. As you walk up to her she has grabbed the unicorn horn and slowly lowered herself on it. When you are in reach she pulls open your pants and leans back to pop your hard cock in her mouth. You loop one hand behind her head, entwining your fingers in that beautiful raven hair. She has reached her one arm between your legs to grab at your belt and keep herself up.

“Oh Rachel! Fuck this is amazing!” you cry as her tongue lovingly caresses your swollen head.

“It’s Yennefer!” she growls after letting your cock drop from her lips. “I’m a powerful sorceress! Don’t forget it.”

Her amulet on her choker flashes, as does her violet eyes and, as if under her spell, you know exactly what to do. You reach over your shoulder and draw your silver sword. Carefully you use its razor edge to cut through the corset on one side of her panties. You raise it up high and with a few words of incantation and more flashes from her name the blade changes into a silver colored fake phallus.

“Yes, thrust that into me!” Yennefer screams in anticipation.

You tease her a little by rubbing it over her legs and using to move the scrap of leftover bikini to the side. For the first time you notice the unicorn horn is stuffed up her ass. You reverse your grip on the silver sword and savagely plunge it into her pussy to the hilt.

Rachel screams in a mixture of pleasure and pain. The amulet is flaming with a purple light, as are Yennefer’s eyes. Magic is filling the air with tingling electrical crackles. Her hair looks to be blowing in a strong breeze, and her nipples are aroused and perky like it’s freezing.

She again swallows your dick and lightning shocks through you. Your skin tingles and you feel the pleasure sweeping through you. All you have strength to do is keep fucking her to the hilt with your sword.

Yennefer pops you out of her lips but it still feels like the blow job is continuing as she reaches over with her free hand and grabs your stiff member. Purple flames lick through her fingers as you watch your cock stretch and thicken. It hurts, yet feels so good. The veins pulsate with your swelling rod.

“What shall I do with you now?” Rachel asks.