Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by More...)

You are overwhelmed with pleasure, and you cum in Rachel’s asshole. You step back and admire your girlfriend. She really has become quite the slut thanks to you.

You take your phone and start taking pictures. Right as you are about to take a great shot of her from behind with your cum leaking out of her ass, your friend Kayla texts you, asking what’s up. You smile as you have a great idea (or maybe it’s a really bad one.)

You reply, telling her that you need help with a gift you are making for Rachel, and that she needs to come straight away.

In the meantime, you watch as your girlfriend fucks her black friend’s giant cock. She takes it in every hole, and even takes a massive facial. However, Rachel is not easily satisfied and has sucked his cock back to full size in no time.

You hear a knock on the door and you rush to open it and let Kayla in, admiring her short and small petite frame, her tiny tits, and her round ass — all wrapped up in tights and a sports bra. Her head barely comes up to your chest.

You point her to your room. When she sees your girlfriend she freezes. You take this opportunity to take advantage of your friend who you have frequently fantasized about. Your arms slide up her stomach from behind and under her bra, and you grasp her almost flat breast. You lean down and whisper in her ear how you have always wanted to fuck her. She says nothing, but you can tell her attention is now on you, specifically on your hardening cock.

She nods slightly and this is all you need to get started. You pull her bra off, turn her around and kiss her roughly as you attempt to pull her tights down. You bend her over the bed facing your girlfriend and George. You kneel down and pull her tights off along with her socks. Her tiny ass is now in your face, her hairless pussy glistening. You can’t resist and plant your face between her cheeks tongue-first. She tastes so good. Your tongue explores the folds of her pussy, and even her tight ass. You slowly move down her thighs, then her legs, kissing her the entire way until you get to her tiny feet. They’re so small that you bet she could still wear children’s sizes. You kiss her foot then proceed to suck on each of her toes.

You hear Kayla start to moan, so you get up ready to plow one of the smallest and tightest holes of your life. You are surprised to see that she’s started making out with your girlfriend. You grunt to get Kayla’s attention and she turns to you, immediately knowing what you want. She slides off the bed and grabs your cock. She strokes it as she kisses your chest. She then bends forward slightly and takes your cock into her mouth.

She sucks cock better than your girlfriend, but you want more. After she has taken your full length for what seems like the hundredth time you pull her up. You are holding her off the ground with her pussy right in line with your cock. She thrusts forward, and your cock sinks into her tiny pussy. You moan and tell her that her pussy is even tighter than Rachel’s ass. You fuck her like this until you explode in her pussy. She looks at you shocked, as says she isn’t on the pill. But she shrugs it off and says that she’d love to have your baby.

Your cock is still hard and inside her so you lay her on the bed and pull your cock out. Some cum drips out, and you smear it on her asshole with your knob.

You ask if you can take her ass, and she says, “I would want nothing more than for you to take my anal virginity.” You lean over her. Her legs are up in the air and spread wide. You kiss her again and slowly push your cock against her asshole.

You keep pushing, but it doesn’t go. You grab your cock to guide it and ram your hips forward. Success! You are buried to the hilt in Kayla tiny ass. It feels like your cock is in a vice. She wraps herself around you as you pound her ass. It isn’t long until you cum. It feels like her asshole is jacking you off as she squirts all over your abs and cock.

You pull out and assume you’re done. But as you stand up, you feel Kayla’s tiny feet on you. They move towards your cock then rub all over your balls. After a few minutes you are hard again and Kayla is pumping your cock expertly with her feet. She even bends forward to suck your cock at the same time. Pretty soon you feel close to cumming and attempt to take your cock in your hand. Kayla brushes your hand away and grabs it instead. You start to cum first in her mouth, then she pulls your cock out of her mouth with a pop and you send a massive spurt across her beautiful face. She continues jacking you off all over her. She’s dripping with your cum from her nearly flat chest down to her feet.

You collapse next to each other and she faces you and suggests getting married. “Let’s move away from here and elope. I’ll have your baby, and you can do whatever you want with me.”

You agree, and tell her that you’ll pick her up on Friday.