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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Viktor...)

“How about we try missionary?” you chime in.

“Sounds good to me,” says Amy.

Rachel begins to unzip your step-sister’s jeans and slowly pulls them down until her skimpy black lace panties are revealed.

“I have that same pair,” Rachel observes.

Amy proceeds to slowly strip down her panties and exposes her bald pussy. Your girlfriend goes down on your step-sister and gets her horny for you.

“Alright, Ross, go ahead!” says Rachel.

You position Amy on the couch and begin to sink your cock into her smooth tight pussy. Thrust after thrust you pound into her virgin pussy and try to hold off your orgasm.

“Unghh… Ross!” she exclaims. As you continue to pound her, Rachel begins kissing her and rubbing her pussy.

“Unghh… guys that feels amazing!” cries Amy. You sink your cock in and out of her and hear her continuing to moan in pleasure from the feeling of your cock inside her bald pussy. After a few more minutes of pounding she moans louder and orgasms, coating your cock in her juices.

“Alright, I want you inside me now” says Rachel. You lie back and your girlfriend sits on top of you, grinding her shaven pussy against your still-hard cock. “Do you want this inside me?” she asks.

“Let me have it babe,” you tell her. She slowly sinks down onto your cock and begins moving her hips back and forth. You feel the tightness of her pussy wrapped around you as she goes up and down, sinking your cock faster and faster into her sex.

“Rachel, I’m getting close,” you warn her.

All the while, your step-sister is sitting spread eagle on the chair next to you, fingering herself as your cock is engulfed time after time into Rachel’s pussy. She is moaning pretty loud which only works you up even more and you hope Rachel is ready for you to climax soon.

Rachel picks up the pace, working her hips faster and faster on your cock, stimulating all of your shaft and giving you pleasure. “Unghh… Ross… I need your love up inside me!”

After a few more thrusts, your girlfriend sinks her hips onto your cock and you push as much of yourself into her pussy as possible before climaxing. Spurt after spurt of your cum shoots into her, and all while she is loudly moaning and climaxing herself. You feel each spurt of your seed being sprayed inside her and you feel her pussy squeezing your cock as she orgasms herself.

“That was fantastic,” she pants.

“I enjoyed it myself,” you reply.

Your step-sister pipes up. “Hey Rachel, Ross… can you guys come back tomorrow? I’d love to do this again!”