Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You hear a murmur sweep through the crowd as someone enters the dormitory. The schoolboys back off from your girlfriend, leaving her lying on the crumpled sheets with an equally disheveled look about her. Rachel is absent mindedly playing with one of her jizz-glazed nipples and the other hand is working her clit as she squirms and rubs her thighs tight together.

“Petrificus Totalus!” someone incants. Rachel’s squirming stops as she goes rigid.

The crowd parts and Harry Potter and Ron Weasley enter.

“Me and my mate,” Ron bellows, “should’ve had first dibs before you wanking twats got her all covered in sloppy seconds, and thirds, and… sixths! The hell have you been doing?”

“It’s okay Ron,” Harry calms his friend. “It’s a good thing we stopped by the restricted section of the library to get those new spells.”

Both are now standing at the foot of the bed. They unbutton and kick off their trousers and stand there with their wands out and half-hard dicks. With a few waves of their wands and a magic spell Ron’s and Harry’s pricks start stretching down towards their knees.

“Penicus Erectus!”

Both dicks instantly harden to thick throbbing rods over a foot long. Another longer spell and the room fills with flashing lights as the semen floats off your unmoving girlfriend and flows into the two wizards tips, sucked down to fill their balls to epic proportions.

“She’ll never take those giant things!” someone pipes up from the crowd.

Harry and Ron get wicked grins. “Wingardium Leviosa!”

Rachel’s stiffened body levitates up between them and floats suspended.

“Alohomora Erotica!” Harry waved his wand and Rachel’s legs fly wide open. Her mouth is open and in line for a straight shot down her throat. Her pussy and ass are gaping wide, ready for the magically-enlarged cocks.

“Still going to be a squeeze,” Harry chuckles. “Just the way I like it.”

Rachel is guided between them and Ron thrusts her down with a swish of his wand. She is impaled upon the hard-ons. No sound escapes her petrified mouth as they begin pumping into her, Harry in her cunt and Ron in her ass. You can see her belly resisting the entry as they are only half in. With another spell the resistance ends and the monster cocks are fully in your girlfriend. You can see the bulging outline of Harry’s member pounding into her belly.

It’s almost too much to watch but also kind of mesmerizing. What should you do?