Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

You open up the pictures to find a selfie of your girlfriend between two women. Rachel has cuddled up next to you and is caressing your pants crotch as she mumbles how much she’s missed Master’s cock and being sexy for Master really turns her on.

The next picture is of the two women standing and pawing at each other with their tongues locked in a passionate French kiss. One is a young store clerk with blonde hair wearing a store apron over a t-shirt and black dress pants. The other is a mature shopper dressed like she was shopping after a work meeting with a skirt and suit coat outfit. She had dark brown hair with a few streaks of grey through it.

“The young one I called Missy,” Rachel says, “Never bothered to ask her. ”Susan is the older one. Kept asking if I knew who she was.“

Holy fuck — Susan is the news anchor you saw earlier blowing on TV. That answers how that happened.

The pictures continue with one of Rachel burying her face under Missy’s apron into her pussy. Another is of Missy rubbing a cucumber on Susan’s inner thigh with her skirt pushed up to see her white frilly panties.

Rachel has pulled out your hard cock and is now examining every vein and wrinkle with a tip of her finger. Studying it like a reverent worshipper not wanting to disturb you.

Next has Missy bent at the waist with her face between Susan’s legs with three carrots sticking out her asshole. Susan has the cucumber in her mouth like a green dick.

More phallic shaped produce gets used as props for the pictures. Eggplant, cucumbers, bananas, and more carrots. Missy deepthroats the banana and Susan squats on top of the eggplant but it’s too big. At the end is a picture of Missy and Susan licking on either side of an erect penis.

“That’s Dave,” Rachel says. “We bribed him to develop the pictures.”

With that she lovingly takes your cock in her mouth and plays with it with her tongue.