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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

In your deep sleep you dream about your girlfriend’s mind melting away into that of a sex-driven zombie. You wake up to a stiff morning wood and Rachel having already gotten up and starting her day.

You walk down stairs to see her post-workout in the kitchen. A fine sheen of sweat makes the light glisten off her. She’s looking through the cupboard for something for breakfast. She starts to reach for the top shelf and one leg climbs up onto the counter to help her pull herself up.


Rachel almost freezes. Her reaching hand grabs tight onto a shelf as you see her begin grinding herself on the corner of the counter she is straddling. The crotch of her yoga pants has dampened as is beginning to ride up between her pussy lips in an arousing display of camel-toe.

“Oh fuck! I’m so horny! I… I…” Rachel screams out, throwing her head back as she is rocked by an orgasm. “I’m cumming! Cumming so hard!”

Her spare hand has slipped down the back of her pants and you think she’s got a finger working its way into her tight asshole. Her humping quickens as she gives herself a few more orgasms.

“I need Ross’s hard cock!” she moans as she turns around to find you standing there.

Rachel freezes in shock. Her hands go to her moist groin to hide it but she’s so aroused her fingers begin to caress her camel-toe.

“I need you,” she begs in a whisper.