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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by YourHumanDoormat...)

“One!” and you feel the leather whip hit against your ass. You hold down the button on the remote of the shocker, feeling the intense pain fill your body. You wonder if you will ever have kids again, then your thoughts are broken up by the second hit.

The vibrator slowly gets worse, with all the pain. After the fifth hit you are crying. Rachel yells, “Who cares, ten more! That’s what bad boys get!”

Your balls are starting to feel like hot railroad spikes are running through them. You wonder if your ass can take more. You get hit again, and yell “Six!” through the pain. Your ass starts bleeding, still stuck up in the air.

Your girlfriend giggles at your pain, not caring. You wonder what happened to your cute, caring Rachel. After you yell “Fifteen!” you can barely stay conscious.

“Good Job,” says Rachel, “now it’s time for the after-party! Get on all fours and follow me!”

She puts the leash on you. You are still crying as she looks back and says, “This is only the beginning.”