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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by YourHumanDoormat...)

After you crawl back to the bedroom, Rachel clamps you into this weird box that you have no idea how she got. It’s made out of plywood, with a face-hole. It goes down to cover the stomach, with your cock and balls the first thing uncovered. You are worried about being this much under the control of your sadistic girlfriend.

“You like this box? It’s perfect for a pathetic slave like you. When you aren’t either on your knees cleaning, or getting punished, you will be in this box. If I want I can add on attachments for making that tiny little cock of yours hurt, or make you feel some punishment. However, now you will service my feet, which I know you will love.”

Rachel grabs those black Ugg boots she wears every day, no matter the weather. They always have a smell that could knock out the strongest of people. You see her slip them onto her feet, and you are relieved that at least you won’t have to smell them.

She takes a step up onto the box, and mutters that she forgot something, and leaves the room. She comes back with the controller for the shock collar that’s around your balls, turns the dial, and gives you the shock of your life. Your cock grows, and the pain keeps on.

“Perfect. Don’t you love it, Ross?”

You are about to yell to stop, just to have the Uggs step right on your face as you begin to speak.

“That’s what a good bitch gets!” Rachel jumps up and down, her weight punishing you with every move. She presses on the shocker, causing your dick and balls to hurt like hell. Meanwhile the Uggs smell so bad you want to pass out, and the jumping on your face doesn’t help.

“Well, that was fun. Now the real fun can begin.” A max shock shows she isn’t joking, and you cry at the prospect of another one of Rachel’s exploits.