Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Hehbsksbdjsbs...)

“I want you to spank me!” your girlfriend says. “Will you do that for me Ross? Will you please, please, please spank me?”

“I’d love to baby, now get over my knee on the chair,” you reply. You walk over to the chair and sit down, and your beautiful naked girlfriend lies over your lap, her perfect ass presented for you.

“So you’re a naughty little girl, huh Rachel?”

“Yes daddy I’ve been very naughty, such a naughty little girl,” she says cutely, wiggling her bottom.

“Well this is what we do to them!” you say.


Rachel squeals as you bring your hand down on her ass and a red handprint quickly appears on her cute bottom.

“Mmmmm yes daddy punish me more!” Rachel moans, wriggling in your lap.


“Oh yes!”




“Harder! Yes!”

You pause the spanking and rub her ass cheeks, they are glowing red and her legs are slick with her juices.

“How are you liking your spanking, slut?” you ask, still rubbing her burning bottom.

“Oh daddy I love it, I love being punished by you, please punish me more. Daddy I have a ball gag on the shelf, if you want me to not scream you can use it,” she purrs.

Luckily the chair is close enough to the shelf so you reach over and find a box. You open it and inside is a red ball gag. You take it out and place it in your girlfriends mouth and strap it behind her head.

Rachel moans around the gag as you squeeze her bottom. A moment later you bring your hand up and smack her ass hard again.

“MMMMPHH!” she screams into the gag as she squirms in your lap.

As you continue to punish your girlfriend she begins to thrust her ass into each spank. You use your other hand to collect the drool dripping from her gag and rub it all over her face so her face is shiny with it.

You spank her ass over and over, it’s a very hard and brutal spanking — Rachel is sobbing and whimpering the whole time — but by the sight of her pussy you can tell she loves it. By the time you stop her bottom is black and blue from the bruises. You remove her gag and she looks at you with tear-filled puppy-dog eyes.

“I love you daddy,” Rachel says.

“I love you too baby girl.”