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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Elated...)

The video buffers for just a second before your screen is filled with the sight of your completely naked girlfriend. She’s standing in the middle of a large room and is surrounded by a lot of very strange men, most of which are also naked.

The man behind the camera asks, “Is this what you want, you dirty slut?” and without hesitation Rachel answers, “Yes master..

“Do you want to get fucked, slave?”

“Yes master” is her only response.

The camera follows Rachel as she moves over to a rather small table in the middle of the room. It has chains, handcuffs and a hell of a lot of cum stains all over it. She hops on with a little squeal as one of the other men slaps her on the ass. She lies spread-eagled over the table, barely fitting, and she’s completely tied down.

The men around her yank on her restraints and pull them super tight. This simply causes her to moan but also squirm in pain. “Are you ready slave?” asks a very tall, well built man in the crowd.

“Fuck yes master, I want you all so badly… pleaaaase!” begs Rachel. The men slowly crowd in around your girlfriend and the camera is put up above, giving you an awesome view. You swear you can already see how wet she is.

One guy roughly shoves his dick in her pussy. She seems barely able to take it as she yelps in both pain and delight. This gives the massive man a chance to shove his dick down her throat, shutting her up and causing a bulge in her throat. Two more guys crowd in and she eagerly grabs their dicks and starts jerking them with reckless abandon.

The guy in her pussy is clearly enjoying himself as his dick rams in and out at a stupendous rate, causing Rachel’s whole body to shiver and writhe as she attempts to take so much cock. The two others who she’s jerking cum rather quickly (to her visible disappointment) but do cover her perfect tits in warm cum.

This carries on for another ten or so minutes before the leader finally fills her pussy with cum, leaving his dick in to make sure her bucking hips milk him dry. He picks up the camera and says, “If you can remember the name of your boyfriend we’ll let you rest. If not we’ll take your ass next.”

Rachel takes a moment before replying.